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Fishtail wrap around

Braids, done, buns, done but the fishtail wrap around is here to stay! With a retro feel this style is brilliant for both jazzing up a casual style or the perfect match for an already dolled up look. This is such a cute way to jazz up the Easter holidays. It is great as a beach side look for those of you hitting the pools on your holidays and will look great in family Easter pictures.

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High crown for high fashion

This style is all about rocking a second day look so scrunch in your alcohol free mousse and let’s get this party started. Separate a section along your crown. You may want to tie the rest of your hair up to keep it out of the way. This part can feel a little messy. Vigorously backcomb the lower third of your hair with a fishtail comb and spray it with hairspray to hold. This is the only section that should look a mess at the stage so make sure you have added in your extensions and that the rest of your hair is thoroughly brushed to perfection.

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Gather the trestles

Once the backcombing is done smooth over the top of your crown (without flattening it) then gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a clear hair band. Ensure that you don’t tie it too tight as we are going to have fun now. Use the end of your fishtail comb to separate the hair on top of your hair tie so you can loop the ponytail through. This may need some smoothing over before you continue. If you have particularly thick hair and it is coming out of place add some hair pins, make sure they remain a secret by hiding them though.

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Plump and pin

For the final touches of this retro style, we want everything to look plump and perfect. Now that your braid is complete gently tug the sections of your fishtail so that it looks fuller and more dramatic. Once this is done fold your braid upwards and tuck the end of your braid in where your hair flip is. Pin your braid in place so that the pins cannot be seen. Spray your hair with alcohol free hair spray and you are ready to go. If you like you accessories then add a hair band or add a flower clip on top of the style for that added bit of colour and a ton of style.

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Braid away

Now we can focus on the ponytail. Divide it in two and start creating your fishtail braid. If this is new for you then get a couple of strands from the outside of one half of your ponytail and place it on the inside of the other. Repeat the process of the other side. After each cross give your hair a little tug to ensure that it stays secure. Continue your fishtail to the end and secure with a clear hair tie.

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