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2 ways to rock a crown braid

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

We all love a crown braid. They work well with everyday outfits as well as formal occasions. They are super easy and give your hair that much-needed detail without breaking the bank. Did you know there was more than 1 way of rocking a crown braid? It sounds simple but I rarely see people change up how they do them. Today I want to share with you a step-by-step guide to my two favourite types of crown braids. So, no matter where you are planning to rock your style this windy autumn you will be able to look good. Don’t forget to #wearcliphair to share your looks for everyone to admire.

Crown braid style number 1: the basic crown braid

This is the most widely seen crown braid so if you know how to do this with your hair extensions, skip to style number 2. If, however, you are new to crown braids or have not used your hair extensions with this style before, keep on reading. The first thing you want to do is make sure that your hair is thoroughly brushed and tangle free. Trust me, trying to create a braid with tangled hair is not fun. This look can work really well with any sort of hair extensions but I am going to focus on Cliphair’s clip in extensions today as it affects where you place them.

Create a centre part that goes to your crown and creates a zig-zag pattern at the back to join it. I like to use different types of braids to make it more interesting with the two sides of hair you have parted create dutch braids travelling backwards. Don’t forget to pinch them all over to give them extra volume before you secure them. You are not going to cross them around the front of your head but are going to cross the braids around the back of your head and pin them into place. To create the fishtail braid that will go around the front you are going to use your hair extensions, create the braid before you clip them in and make you conceal the seem and ends under your dutch braids.


Crown braid style number 2: Half up braid

This one is all about gorgeous flowing locks. To create this style I started by adding my Cliphair extensions. Divide your hair in half horizontally and divide the bottom section into rows. Although you want your braid to be full I focused on the bottom half for this half-up style. The reason for that is that you often notice this part of the style as it moves the most. It is time to turn this style up a notch and add some heat protecting serum. You guessed, you are going to grab some heated tools. You can either straighten or curl your hair at this point but I love this look curly so I would recommend it. Now create a side part and grab a two-inch section on the deeper side divide it into three and create a travelling dutch braid. If you want it neat you will have to make it tight, I personally like mine with some texture so if strands of hair from layers stick out or it isn’t 100% even I don’t worry.

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