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Autumn hair routine- hair revamp


It is official, autumn has arrived in the northern hemisphere. For all of you down under it is getting warmer and you will be thinking about booking your summer holidays. For the rest of us, like our favourite GOT characters would say “winter is coming”. So what does this have to do with your hair and Cliphair extensions? A lot! You will notice over the next few weeks your skin and hair becoming drier and potentially more troublesome. This is not a coincidence, it is the weather. Today I am going to show you what you need to keep an eye out for and how to revamp your autumn hair care routine.

Embrace your dark side

Everything gets a little bit darker as we head into winter, this often includes everyone’s hair colour. Although summer is all about beachy waves and sun-kissed looking hair (natural or dyed), winter is all about embracing your darker side. Your hair will naturally get darker due to lack of sun but dying it a deeper shade can help your hair’s health as well. Lighter shades of hair dye contain far more bleach. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best for your hair or extensions despite how great it may look. Going darker when your hair may be struggling in the winter is a good idea to help stop it getting so dry.


Pump up the moisture

As it getting colder, and often windier, our scalp, hair and skin get dryer and tighter. This can become itchy and cause annoying thing like frizz and split ends. Instead of getting annoyed with it when it happens my advice would be to do something now to prevent it from happening at all. A hair mask at least once a week I would say is the minimum but if have dyed locks and extension or use heated tools, I would increase that to two times a week. Your hair will feel amazing and it doesn’t have to cost the world. In fact, it is often better for autumn hair if you make your own. Natural ingredients are always advised for your locks but this is definitely the case whilst your hair is in a period of transition and the most vulnerable. They are the kindest on your locks and don’t strip your hair of its natural ingredient as many shops bought masks do. If you want something seasonal and festive, stay tuned I am going to show you a killer pumpkin based DIY hair treatment next week.


Is your hair height falling short?

This is not a surprise during the cooler months and it happens to everyone. If you are a Friends fan, you will remember when Monica’s hair was huge and she kept shouting “it’s the humidity”. It is true height definitely increased when there is humidity. This is often the case in warmer climates so your hair will naturally be bigger in the summer. As it gets colder and the humidity drops you will need a bit of volumizing spray to help the process.


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