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Pink Hair Extensions

Our high-quality pink hair extensions are perfect whether you already have pink hair or are looking to see what you'd look like with pink highlights. From clip ins to wefts/weaves, our pink extensions are made from the best quality 100% Remy human hair. If you fancy a change but don't have time to visit the hairdressers, or our pink extensions can be affixed in a matter of minutes

Pink Hair Extensions
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The Best Pink Hair Extensions in the UK: Top Quality Pink Human Hair Extensions

All the pink hair extensions in our store are made from the best quality Remy human hair. This means they all have cuticles, aligned in the same direction, ensuring a silky smooth, natural appearance. Whether you choose a pink ponytail extension for a different look on nights out or full head pink weft hair extensions that blend in with your dyed hair for daily use, you can be sure that your new pink hair clip ins will be of the very highest quality. We have carefully selected the very best clip in and tape in hair extensions in beautiful shades of pink to ensure that whatever style you are going for, you will look absolutely fantastic.

For long-lasting pink extensions, human hair is the only sensible choice. While synthetic extensions can look quite good, they cannot be styled with tongs or straighteners like pink human hair extensions because they will quickly melt, and they frequently end up in a tangled mess too. Make sure you only buy the very best pink hair extensions in the UK by ordering from our store.

Dare to be Different with Eye-Catching Pink Clip In Hair Extensions

With pink hair extension clip on highlights, you can add hot pink streaks to your hairstyle without going anywhere near a hairdresser! These 2-inch wide pink clip in hair extensions are made from the same high-quality 100% human hair as all our other hair wefts so you can look forward to tangle-free, beautiful shiny highlights when you use them. One set includes 8 pink clip in hair pieces, which can be used all at once or you can just use as many as you feel looks good with your current hairstyle. If you are thinking about having pink hair in the future but you’re not quite sure whether it will suit you, these inexpensive pink hair clip extensions give you an economical way to find out before you commit to a permanent dye.

Style Your Pink Hair Extensions Just Like Your Normal Hair: Versatile Pink Human Hair Extensions

Although you should never use hair products that contain alcohol on your pink hair extensions, you can curl, straighten and tong them to your heart’s content. This is because they are made from the best quality human hair rather than synthetic material. You can also dye your new pink hair extensions a darker pink hue if you fancy, but we don’t recommend bleaching them as this can cause them to dry out, much like hairstyling products that contain alcohol. If you want soft pink or light pink hair extensions, it’s better to buy them in that colour than to try to alter darker pink clip on hair extensions.

If you have never worn clip in pink hair extensions before, we suggest trying them without using tongs or straighteners first, just until you get used to how they look. And don’t forget, if you want to try some other tones, we have a huge selection of different colour extensions in our online store.

The Perfect Length Pink Clip-In Hair Extensions for All Hairstyles

We have a 10 inch to 26 inch length selection of pink extensions, ponytails and clip in fringes from which to choose, so whatever hairstyle you are aiming to create, you will be able to get it just right. As long as your own hair is at least 6 inches long already, you should be able to use any length that you like. Medium length extensions – from 16 to 20 inches – are the most popular but the best length for you will depend on what styles you are hoping to create. If you fancy trying pink hair with bangs, our 10-inch clip in fringe and bangs in a stunning pink hue is what you need but if you want really long, lush pink hair, a 24-inch full head pink extension set is going to be the perfect choice.

If you have any problems picking the right length pink clip-in hair extensions, please feel free to get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help you.

What Colour Pink Extensions Will Work for Me? Choosing the Perfect Pink Hair Extensions

The best pink extensions for your hair will normally be those that match your current colour but if you are still at the stage of deciding what particular hue to dye your hair, you may find getting the extensions first helps you to make the right choice. With this in mind, here are some thoughts from our colour experts:

  • Pastel Pink Hair Extensions Are Great for Light Blondes – If your natural hair colour is light blonde, pastel or baby pink hair extensions and a baby pink dye are going to be the easiest way to add some colour without making everything too dark.
  • Hot Pink Hair Extensions – If your natural hair colour is mid-brown or darker, you might find a light dye and light pink extensions are not very effective. The dye is unlikely to show up in your hair very well, which means the extensions will look a completely different colour. We recommend our hot pink hair human hair extensions and a matching dye for brunettes.

If you can’t decide between light pink clip in hair extensions and stronger pink extensions, spend some time online looking at what other people with your hair colour have done and see what catches your eye.

Caring for Your Pink Extensions: Human Hair Extension Care Tips

As we mentioned earlier, whatever length and colour you choose, you can use your tongs and ghd hair straighteners on our high-quality pink extensions. Human hair extensions are just as resilient as your own hair, as you would expect. The only difference is, they aren’t still growing so you need to be careful with hair care products that will dry them out or damage them. Don’t use gels containing alcohol, don’t use volumizing shampoo, don’t bleach them and don’t wear them to bed!

Best Choice of Pink Hair Extensions in the UK: Streaks, Full Head and Pink Ponytail Extension Pieces

Whether you are looking for light pink hair extensions, hot pink extensions or something in between, you will find a great selection from which to choose in our store. We have the best collection of high-quality pink hair extensions in the UK, all of which have been hand-picked by our team of experts. Order a pink ponytail extension or full head pink extensions today and find out why we are considered to be the top extensions' supplier in the country.


Can I Pull Off Pink Hair?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing any details about your complexion, personality or dress sense but in general, we think that any lady can pull off pink hair with our beautiful pink clip in hair extensions. Just follow your heart!

Is 40 Too Old for Pink Hair?

If Julia Roberts and Helen Mirren can rock pink hair in their 50s and 60s respectively, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t either. Pick up a pink ponytail extension or a highlights set of pink clip-in hair extensions and experiment!

What Type of Pink Hair Extensions Does Cliphair Offer?

We have a great range of pink hair extensions in various lengths, including pink clip in hair extensions that can be affixed at home in minutes and weft/weave light pink hair extensions that are designed to be applied by a hairdresser. All are made from 100% human hair.

How Long Do Remy Human Pink Hair Extensions Last?

Your gorgeous pink hair extensions will last from 3-6 months with normal use but if you take a little extra care of them, they could last for up to a year. The best way to get the most use out of your new pink clip-in hair extensions is to treat them gently.

How do I find the right colour extensions?

If you’re unsure which of our hair extensions are right for you, you can explore our full hair extension colour range, or our colour matching service can help you get the perfect match. All you need to do, is submit three photos and receive your bespoke match within 24 hours!

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