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3 Easy and Practical Hairstyles for the Gym

3 Easy and Practical Hairstyles for the Gym

As the new year is now here it is time to focus on yourself and being your best self. It’s time to hit the gym and we know our hair isn’t always on the priority list when it comes to working out. But who says you have to look terrible whilst you work off those festive holiday calories?

So, dust off your active wear and let’s check out the best gym friendly hairstyles. These pretty and practical hairdos will keep your human hair extensions or hair out of your face while you exercise.


The Gym-Ready Ponytail


The classic ponytail is by far the easiest styles to put together and has been the go-to style for gym goers for years. If you have thinner hair the high ponytail will be your best friend and will allow you to get that lovely cool breeze on your neck, so your workout is bearable. If you have thicker hair, ponytails mixed with any sort of physical activity can be difficult.



For thicker hair, create a low and firmly secured ponytail instead, if your hair swishing against your back annoys you, add a hair tie halfway down your ponytail. Reworking the classic ponytail is both stylish and totally functional.


Braided Ponytail Hairstyles 


It seems like, for the past two years, there is nothing that a braid couldn’t do for us and today, we are looking to look post workout Instagram-ready with some simple braids. Some braids are perfect for a HIIT or high intensity cardio session whilst others look fab for yoga and smoothies.



How to Braid Hair With Extensions 

French braids and dutch braids are brilliant but fishtail braids can get sweaty and be horrible to take out post a cardio session. If you love to take a few pics post class add some ponytail extensions, they make your hair look so much healthier and fuller on camera.

How To Do An Easy Hair Bun For Gym


An exercise class is no place for an ultra-manicured honey bun so if you’re into your space buns and top knots this is the time to break them out. Like a high ponytail many buns can become heavy and droop so make sure you have a couple of hair ties wrapped around it just to be on the safe side.

If you are going for a dance class, then a honey bun is exactly what you want. Make sure you roll it over your donut and double up on your hair ping, just to be on the safe side. Like all gorgeous buns spritz with alcohol free hairspray and hit that gym!

What are your go-to gym hairstyles? Tell us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.


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