Hello, eyes and cheekbones! Heart and diamond-shaped faces have some of the best features and attract focus on the middle section of their faces. But what are the differences between these two gorgeous face shapes? And, most importantly, what are the best hairstyles to accentuate and compliment your traits in harmony with your face shape? Read on to find out!

1. What Is A Heart Shape Face? (back to index)

A heart-shaped face typically has a wide forehead and a slender, pointed chin. You tend to have cheekbones to die for and lovely, large eyes. In short, the mid to top part of your face is wider than the lower part of your face, with a narrow jawline – sometimes known as “V-line”. Keep in mind that having a certain type of face shape doesn’t mean that you look exactly the same as anyone else with the same structure. 

To give you an example, think of celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lily Collins, Cheryl Cole and Ruby Rose: despite all of them being blessed with lovely heart-shaped faces, none of these stars look alike.

What Are The Best Hairstyles For Heart Shaped Faces? 

In order to harmonize your haircut with your traits, the key is to balance out your forehead and give space to your jawline, as well as accentuate the cheekbones.

Bangs are your best friend. Almost any type of fringe will minimise your forehead, but the long, side-swept fringe is the best hairstyle for heart-shaped faces. Why? Because it beautifully slims down this area of your face.

According to hairstylist, Andy LeCompte, for InStyle magazine, adding this type of fringe to ANY hairstyle will instantly draw attention towards the eyes and cheekbones, as well as softening the forehead – result!

Can Heart-Shaped Faces Have Bangs? 

Clip in Bangs are your best friend. Almost any type of fringe will suit your forehead, but the long, side-swept fringe is the best hairstyle for heart-shaped faces, as it leaves a lot of limelight to your eyebrows and eyes, grazing your cheekbones and keeping things interesting with its asymmetry. 

If your hair is long and feathery, a crescent fringe will be the best option for a trendy 70s vibe; crescent bangs are short in the middle - softening the edges of your forehead without compromising the focus on your eyes and eyebrows - and grow longer on the edges, brushing on your cheekbones and framing your face.

Similar to crescent bangs, curtain bangs are all the rage and they’re also a very flattering fringe hairstyle for heart-shaped faces: stylish and low maintenance, they’re the perfect choice to soften the sides of a wide forehead whilst highlighting your cheeks.

If you need more inspiriation? Check out our blog on 10 Bangs Inspiration Hairstyles.

Heart-Shaped Face Hairstyles To Avoid

Top-heavy updos are probably the riskiest hairstyle for heart-shaped faces, although with the right fringe or the aid of 90s inspired tendrils even these hard-to-sport looks can turn into a complimenting choice.

Not a fan of your pointy chin? Avoid haircuts that frame your jawline. Joseph Maine, a stylist at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in NYC, states a chin-length bob will be the least flattering, as “it will close in on the jawline”, therefore bringing your attention to the bottom part of your face.

2. The Best Short Haircut For Heart Shaped Faces (back to index)

Pixie With Bangs

With short bangs was definitely designed for heart-shaped faces. It balances out your forehead to chin ratio, makes your eyes POP and your cheekbones stand out.

A haircut many can’t pull off, the pixie cut is one of the best short haircuts for heart-shaped faces. Just be sure to incorporate a fringe into the hairstyle to balance out your forehead.

Short And Sweet

Try baby bangs like Rihanna for a trendy, edgy finish.

Long Story Short

long and parted on the side like Scarlett Johansson; if you’re going for a tomboy vibe, then feathered layers will do the trick for you. Last but not least if your hair is curly and coarse, a pixie cut will be your best friend to keep things low maintenance, favoring volume and body on the top with a tapered cut.

The Gentleman

What about a slick pixie cut with a side-part glued to your face? Perhaps it’s not exactly an everyday choice, however, this look will add that silky touch to your regular pixie - turning it into an elegant statement hairstyle for a chic night out.

Tapered To The Side

yup, you got it. This iconic hairstyle is Ruby Rose’s favourite, and I can easily see why. By projecting towards the top it draws the attention away from the forehead, whilst the side-part keeps it peppy and interesting. You can leave a strand or two in the form of short tendrils to graze your eyebrows, or style it all towards the back of your hair to highlight the undercut.

3. The Best Medium Length Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Faces (back to index)

Wavy Lob

Jennifer Matos, a celebrity stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon, advises the long bob is one the best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces. Perfect for those who want a bob, the lob creates space around the jawline rather than smothering it like a chin-length bob; evenly cut lobs can get spiced up with a side part or kept with a middle part for a 90s effect.

Tip: Add waves towards the length of the style to widen the lower half of the face.

Stuck In The Middle

Style your layers away from the face, bringing the focus away from your forehead to sport a middle part, with collarbone grazing length and soft curls. • Side to side: wear your lob with a side part and curl it down your shoulder for an effortlessly elegant result.

 Silky Lob

Parted in the middle and straight like spaghetti – this trendy hairstyle has been worn by many celebrities. Simple, elegant, and sleek, it will compliment any look.

Side Part And Choppy Bangs

Once again Reese Witherspoon is an icon of elegance and an inspiration for heart-shaped beauties: a slightly side-swept choppy fringe, trimmed vertically between eyelids and brows, will add a flirty touch to a simple, straight, long bob.

4. The Best Long Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Faces (back to index)

If you’re still wondering: “what is a heart-shaped face?” I’m just going to mention the queen of the bend and snap: Reese Witherspoon.

Probably one of the most famous celebrities with heart-shaped faces, Reese has perfected the art of nailing this beautiful face shape.

Whatever hairstyle the actress pulls off, it manages to flatter her lovely heart-shaped face perfectly, although she’s usually seen with long hair.

Long Layers With Side Fringe

Long Layers Hair Example

Long layers and a sexy, side-swept fringe look is hands down, one of the best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces, as the long layers add fullness around the jawline, whilst that side-swept fringe totally flatters her heart-shaped face.

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Loose Waves

Long, layered hair styled with a curler for soft loose waves and flipped to a side is the perfect casual-chic to give more movement to your long-length hair without committing to a dramatic change.

Face Framing Highlights

Not a change in haircut per se, but curtain bangs and strong layers with highlights focused on the edges of your face are the best way to brighten your complexion and be a catalyst for attention on all the strong feature of your face.

Get more inspiration with our Money Piece Hair Blog so you can get summer ready with this 2022 hairstyle trend!


Beach Waves

Grab your one-inch curling wand and your sea-salt spray, it’s time to look beachy. Middle parted beach waves are that one hairstyle that fits practically everyone – with a bit of practice, patience and the right products of course.

Blunt And Choppy

This hairstyle is a revisitation of a very famous 70s look, with blunt and thick bangs to top off long and straight lengths. Nowadays, this iconic look can be adopted with choppier layers, for an edgy rockstar look.

5. The Best Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Faces With Fine Hair (back to index)

Sleek, Side-Parted Lob

Let’s talk about the lob again. This ultra-modern style is one of the best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces of 2022 (and counting… I don’t see this versatile hairstyle go anywhere!).

But on top of being super trendy, did you know the long bob is perfect for those with fine hair? That’s correct with the right styling and/or layers, it can give the illusion of length without losing volume.

Flip your hair over to the side to add volume, and let your tresses artfully fall over your forehead. Not only will you have the sexy one-eye thing going on, but your wide forehead will be slimmed down in an instant.

6. The Best Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Faces With Thick Hair: (back to index)

Long Layers 

The ONLY WAY to remove the heaviness that plagues those with thick hair is to cut in long layers, preventing your bob and lob to make you look like a mushroom.

Great news – long layers are an ultra-flattering hairstyle when it comes to heart-shaped faces. The long layers create movement and texture around the jawline, whilst reducing the bulk of your tresses.

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7. The Best Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Faces With Wavy/Curly Hair (back to index)

The Curly Bob

Ok, so we mentioned the bob is one of the heart-shaped hairstyles to avoid, and it is…. If you have straight hair.

Curly hair lovelies, rejoice! Because the curly shag is in fact one of the best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces! Your thick waves or curls will widen the jawline, instead of hugging it – creating symmetry in your face – woohoo! Think of bouncy, curly bangs and shaggy length brushing on your collarbone.

Now that you know about the best, cutest hairstyles to go with your face shape, feel free to experiment with your hair and hairpieces.

8. What Is A Diamond Shape Face? (back to index)

Are you confused about the differences between the diamond face shape characteristics and heart face shape features? It’s true, the two face shapes share similar traits, such as amazing cheekbones and a petite chin, however diamond face shapes additionally boast their own unique features.

Diamond face shape characteristics include a narrow forehead with cheekbones being the widest point of the face. Your chin then tapers off to a neat point – similar to a heart-shaped face.

Here Is A List Of Diamond Face Shape Celebrities

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Tyra Banks
  • Liz Hurley
  • Megan Fox
  • Anna Kendrick
  • Selma Blair

Best Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles to Try

Similar to heart-shaped faces, a fringe is your hair hero. Hair maestro, Scott King advises on hairstyles that add fullness to your forehead, because: “a sweeping fringe or deep side parting will soften the forehead and make it appear less high and narrow.”

Hairstyles that widen the jaw, whilst simultaneously softening and accentuating your chiselled cheekbones, additionally offer the best hairstyles for diamond-shaped faces. Think long, wavy locks and face-framing layers.

Find out what the best medium length hairstyles are for diamond shaped faces in our 20 Medium Length Hairstyles blog. 

Diamond Shaped Face Hairstyles to Avoid?

Your model-like, sharp features are so prominent, they don’t need accentuating. Consequently, opt for hairstyles that soften your diamond face shape characteristics. Hairstyles that widen your cheekbones, for example, are to be avoided. Say bye-bye to super-short bobs and layers then. 

9. The Best Short Haircut For Diamond Shaped Faces (back to index)

Side Parted Bob With Sweeping Fringe

A sweeping fringe beautifully opens up the top half of your face, whilst a side parting creates width to your forehead. Keep the length of your bob below the chin – this offers the illusion of space around your jawline rather than closing in on it.

10. The Best Medium Length Hairstyle For Diamond Shaped Faces (back to index)

Face Framing Layers With Soft Fringe

According to Lauren Thompson, stylist at Nunzio Saviano Salon in NYC, "Shoulder-length hair with a soft fringe is one of the best hairstyles for diamond-shaped faces. With this style, a face-framing fringe accentuates the cheekbones whilst balancing out a narrow forehead."

Tip: Keep the layers below the chin to create width and movement around the lower half of the face.

11. The Best Long Hairstyle For Diamond Shaped Faces (back to index)

Sleek, Straight & Polished

Long hair LOVES diamond-shaped faces. Why? It slims down your wide cheekbones whilst also emphasising them – because, who wants to get rid of their cheekbones?

Super sleek, long, polished hair can drag many face shapes down, but your diamond shape holds up perfectly with this hairstyle. So get that glossy mane swishing!

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12. The Best Hairstyle For Diamond Shaped Faces With Fine Hair (back to index)

Long Layers + Bangs

So, you want to add volume to your hair without widening your face?  Cutting a fringe into your hairstyle instantly widens your forehead whilst adding texture and movement to any length.

Layers are additionally great for oomphing up fine hair. Keep them below the jawline to avoid broadening your cheekbones.

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13. The Best Hairstyle For Diamond Shaped Faces With Thick Hair (back to index)

Long Soft Waves With Deep Side Parting 

Thick hair can widen a face, so keep your luscious locks looong. Just remember to sweep your hair over to a side parting to enlarge your slim forehead.

Create flowing waves to soften your sharp bone structure and create a relaxed vibe. Just remember to protect your hair with a heat protection spray to counteract a frizz attack.

14. The Best Hairstyle For Diamond Shaped Faces With Wavy/Curly Hair (back to index)

Long Cascading Curls

Is there anything more romantic than long cascading curls? This hairstyle can be too heavy for many face shapes, but not for diamond faced lovelies. Your prominent cheekbones are strong enough to carry the style – hurray!

Curls can add bulk to your face, so the longer the better. Need help in the length department? Check out our Curly Clip In Hair Extensions to boost the length of your curls.

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