Buying a set of hair extensions is an investment; we know they aren’t the cheapest! That’s why it can be especially frustrating when your hard earned hair starts drying out, frizzing, and matting. What do you do when your Remy hair extensions start drying out sooner than expected? Don’t panic! With a few handy tips, you can transform your hair extensions from dry and damaged to soft and silky.

1. My Hair Extensions Are Dry and Frizzy! Why? (back to index)

No matter how much we wish they were, hair extensions are not attached to your scalp in the way your natural hair is. Your scalp is super smart when it comes to keeping your locks lovely and luscious. By producing a natural oil called sebum, it maintains hair moisture and health. Hair extensions, whatever type, don’t receive this natural lubrication. Over time, a lack of TLC can cause them to become dry and damaged

2. What Are the Top Causes of Damaged Hair Extensions? (back to index)

Poor Quality Hair

First up, if your hair extensions are synthetic or over processed (likely from an irreputable supplier), they are simply more likely to become damaged at a faster rate. Over processed hair is weaker and more prone to damage. Often lighter shades (e.g., blondes) have been processed more to achieve the desired shade, therefore are more susceptible to dryness and breakage.

Sun Exposure

While we all know the importance of skin protection and sun cream, many of us forget that our hair is just as vulnerable. The sun, while sought out by many, can be extremely damaging to our hair, especially our extensions. Without proper hair extension maintenance, our locks can dry out rapidly from sun damage. 

Hard Water

Hard water is water that contains a high mineral content. In the UK, most of our water is hard, and unfortunately our real hair extensions suffer for it. The high mineral content in hard water can cause locks to dry out rapidly and strip hair of its natural color. 

Sea Water

If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, taking care of hair extensions is extra important. The sea is full of salt and minerals; a recipe for dry, damaged disaster when it comes to hair extensions. Try to avoid getting your hair extensions wet with sea water at all costs and practice hair extension maintenance regularly.


For swimming pool lovers, the outlook isn’t much better. Chlorine chemicals can dry out our hair extensions as well as stripping color. If you are a regular swimmer, regular oil treatments are essential for keeping your locks healthy.

Want to know more about how swimming with hair extensions? Check out our blog on how to take care of hair extensions on holiday.

3. How to Revive Dry Hair Extensions (back to index)

Even if you’re careful, sh*t happens. The best way to revive dry hair extensions is by using an all-natural oil treatment. All remy hair extensions really want is to be attached to the scalp again *sad face*. The best way we can mimic sebum secretion is by applying natural oils to the hair. Certain natural oils can penetrate hair follicles from the inside out. Chemical treatments merely coat the hair (usually in silicone) to mask dryness and give the illusion of softness. Hair extension maintenance should always be gentle and natural.

4. How to Get Hair Extensions Soft Again – Step by Step Tutorial (back to index)

  1. Brush through your hair extensions to remove any knots, you want your hair extensions to be as tangle free as possible. We would recommend using a hair extension brush for this.
  2. Apply a specialised all-natural conditioning hair extension mask to your dry hair, combing through to ensure all your hair is covered. Make sure not to get any of the treatment on the tape/bonds of the hair extensions as this can cause them to slide out. If you’re wearing clip in hair extensions, you can apply the treatment up to the clips. 
  3. If you are reviving non-attached clip in hair extensions, lay the hair extensions on a dry towel and allow the treatment to soak in as instructed. 
  4. Once your hair extensions have soaked, wash the treatment out with a sulphate free shampoo& conditioner. Be sure to wash extensions thoroughly to avoid build up of treatment in your hair. 
  5. Before drying your hair extensions, be sure to add a specialised leave in conditionermoisture spay and heat protection spray to maximise moisture retention and prevent further dry out
  6. Can you let hair extensions dry naturally? Yes! We find the best way is to let them air dry until about 80% dry, then using a gentle heat device such as an air styling brush to style your hair as desired. To dry your hair extensions, try to use as little heat as possible. The cool setting is your best friend here!

5. Best Products for Hair Extensions Revival (back to index)

Our Favorite Set: Quench The Thirst, Deep Moisture

quench the thirst collection products

Enriched with Shea butter, rice proteins, and precious oils such as Baobab seed oil, Avocado oil, and Coconut oil, this shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions + hair mask for extensions is simply the best you could treat your tresses with. Designed to replenish the moisture levels in your hair fibres – rebalancing elasticity, and reducing breakage and frizz – the Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture hair care line works wonders on both natural hair and human hair extensions alike. 100% sulphate-free and paraben-free. Tested and trusted by hair professionals, it’s simply too good not to try!

Explore the Quench The Thirst collection here.

Our Favourite Hair Mask - Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

We love this argan oil-based hair mask. Argan oil is known to be full of antioxidants, vitamin E, minerals, and fatty acids, that help restore shine and smoothness to hair. It’s meant for medium to thick hair, so is perfect for a thick set of hair extensions.

Buy it here.

Our Favourite Shampoo - Undone Undamaged Shampoo

This sulphate free shampoo contains nourishing vegetable proteins to reduce breakage and promote hair follicle strength, and creatine to repair damaged bonds.

Buy it here.

Our Favourite Conditioner – Moroccanoil Hydrating Conditioner

Another from Moroccanoil – we love you! – this sulphate and paraben free conditioner is enriched with Argan Oil, Vitamins A and E and Red Algae, which replenish hair to increase manageability and shine.

Buy it here.

Our Favourite Leave in Conditioner - REDKEN One United Spray

REDKEN’s genius lightweight leave-in conditioner reduces hair dryness, detangles, and helps strengthen hair, as well as protecting your locks from harmful heat styling.

Buy it here.

6. How to Get Oil Out of Hair Extensions (back to index)

You’ve treated your hair extensions, but now they’re too oily! Don’t panic, even if you’ve over corrected the moisture your hair extensions can be saved. Try using a dry shampoo initially to absorb some of the oil. If possible, you want to avoid further washes. If this fails, wash again gently using a good clarifying shampoo. Sulphate free of course!

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