A girl’s got to take care of her health, and as well as healthy eating, that means exercise! But how can you look after your luscious locks as well as your bootilicious body? Do you need to do anything differently? When it comes to tape in extensions, the answer is a definite yes! Discover the secrets of maintaining both your tape in hair extensions and your fitness routine simultaneously.

Learn the art of working out with tape in extensions and ensure your strands stay as fabulous as your physique. Read on and find out how to care for your tape in hair extensions at the same time as working out. And here’s our last post about caring for tape in hair extensions, just in case you missed it. Or if you are new to tape ins, then read our full tape in extension product guide.

Can you exercise with Tape In Extensions? (back to index)

You can exercise when wearing tape in hair extensions but need to take extra precautions to look after them. That means wearing a swim cap if you’re swimming, and gently tying your hair back and wearing a sweat band or bandana if hitting the gym.

Yes, you can work out when wearing tape in hair extensions, but you need to take extra special care. For instance, if you go swimming, you need to wear a swim cap – not the most glamourous accessory perhaps, but way better than frizzy hair!

If you’re a gym bunny or like to run, then you need to protect your hair from sweat and strain. Tie your hair back, keeping your extensions away from your forehead and neck where most of your sweat will accumulate. Tie your hair back carefully – it needs to be loose enough to prevent it pulling and straining at the roots when you’re exercising. It’s also a good idea to wear a bandana or workout ban to soak up your sweat and protect your hair.

You’ll need to give your hair extra attention after your workout too. Rinse the sweat out of your hair and treat the lengths of your hair with a deep conditioning treatment to stop them getting dry and frizzy.

Can you sweat/steam/sauna with tape in extensions? (back to index)

Sweat and steam is bad news for tape in extensions, so you need to make a few changes if you want to get hot and sticky. Invest in a sweatband or bandana when working out and make sure you wear a swimcap if you go into a sauna or steam room.

Sweat is salty and acidic, which makes it bad news for our lovely locks. But of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t work out; a girl’s got to stay healthy! You just need to give your hair a little bit more care and take some simple steps to limit the amount of sweat that gets onto your hair.

For starters, the first 48 hours after getting your tape ins fitted are a no-no for sweating. You want the tapes to bond properly and they need this extra time to settle in. Give yourself a break and stay away from that spin class for a couple of days. Your tape in extensions will thank you for it.

Channel your best 80s look and use a headband or bandana when working out. It will absorb the sweat that collects around your forehead and neck. This helps to stop sweat from getting into your extensions. You should also gently tie your hair up, keeping it out of the way and safe from the stress caused by too much movement.

If you’re heading into the sauna or steam room, wear a swim cap over your hair extensions. All that heat and humidity can cause your hair to frizz and damage your tape bonds (which means they’ll slip – eek!)

In honesty, if you’re a serious athlete or regular gym bunny, you might want to look at other types of permanent hair extension – sweat will eventually damage the tapes and dry out your lovely locks. The need to wash your hair too often will also weaken the tapes and dry your hair.

Can you wear your hair up with tape in hair extensions? (back to index)

You can absolutely wear your hair up if you have tape in hair extensions. There are so many beautiful styles you can try. Just be careful not to pull at the hair too tightly.

Yes, you can wear your hair up with tape in extensions. If expertly installed, the tape ins should be no trouble to wear up. Tape in wefts are designed to lay flat and be invisible and flexible and if expertly installed, you’ll have not problems wearing them up. However, don’t tie your hair too tightly as this will put too much stress onto your roots and natural hair, especially when you consider the added weight of the hair in your extensions. The result? Uncomfortable pulling and damage to the extensions as well as your own hair.

There are so many stunning and seamless updos you can achieve with your tape in hair extensions. You can style a simple messy bun or go for an extravagant “I-do, updo”, or even just a stylish ponytail. As tape in hair extensions have small wefts and lay flat, they are flexible and can easily work in any type of hairstyle.

Can you swim with tape in extensions? (back to index)

You can swim while wearing tape in extensions as long as you ALWAYS remember to wear a swimming cap.

Feel free to take a dip when wearing permanent hair extensions, just remember to care for your hair. ALWAYS wear a swim cap to keep the chlorine from ruining your hair and damaging the tapes. This goes for any type of swimming – whether you’re in a lake, sea, river or unchlorinated pool.

Hair extensions are much more prone to damage than “live” hair and need extra nourishment and care. If you’re a regular swimmer then tape ins probably aren’t suitable for you; clip in hair extensions would work much better as you can simply clip them out when you go for a swim. Regular swimming will mean you need to wash your hair more frequently, resulting in dry hair and weakened tapes that slip easily.

How do you protect Hair Extensions when swimming? (back to index)

Protect hair extensions while swimming by wearing a swimming cap. If you’re a regular swimmer, then consider clip in extensions instead of permanent hair extensions. These can be unclipped before getting in the water which will make them last much longer.

Pool water is really bad news for your hair extensions because it contains chlorine. Chlorine damages hair colour and strips natural oils from your hair, leaving it dry and frizzy. That’s why we always recommend that you don’t wear extensions while swimming. Of course, if you’ve got permanent extensions, you can’t take them out before diving in for a swim, which is why we recommend you use a swimming cap.

You need to take extra-special care with tape in extensions. The more often your hair is soaked in water or gets wet, the worse. Not just because it damages the lengths of your hair and dries it out, but because it can weaken your tapes and cause them to slip. Remember this advice goes for all sorts of swimming – the sea, rivers, lakes – even a hot tub.  So if you’re a real water baby, tape in extensions probably aren’t your best choice.

If you exercise moderately, tape in extensions will suit your life beautifully with only a few adaptations. But if you’re a serious athlete or real fitness aficionado, you’ll probably be better choosing a different type of hair extension.

Also read our article on how to avoid tape in slippage.

Conclusion (back to index)

You can exercise and swim, but with a twist! Wear a swim cap, headband, or bandana, and tie your hair loosely back. Avoid getting too sweaty. If you're a sports star or swimming champ, try clip in extensions you can remove before getting active. Tape-ins are great for casual exercisers, giving you long, natural-looking hair with a bit of extra care. Remember, they cost a bit, so weigh it up before diving in! Enjoy your amazing new hair!

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