why do tape in hair extensions slip?


Tape in hair extensions are one of the most natural-looking semi-permanent hair extensions on the market because of the way they lay flat against your hair for a seamless look. Each flat weft is attached to a keratin adhesive tape; the tape is made from keratin to protect your hair and to provide a natural and strong bond. These extensions look incredible and feel amazing, but you must follow a set of rules if you’re to keep them looking at their gorgeous best.

But why do tape-in extensions slip or fall out? There are many reasons for tape-in extensions that don’t stay put; read Cliphair's blog to find out more about tape in extensions that slip.

What is false slipping in tape in extensions?


False slipping is the name given to the gap between your scalp and your bonds that develops as your hair grows. It looks as if your bonds have slipped when in fact your hair has grown and the gap is the result of that growth.


Tape in hair extensions are attached to your own hair, which means that as your hair grows, your extensions move downwards. This gives your extensions the illusion of slipping – hence the term “false slipping”. Just a few weeks of growth will result in the tapes moving a few centimetres below the position they were originally placed in, but of course that’s down to your hair growing, not the tapes slipping.


What to know before deciding to use tape in extensions?

Make sure you take the time to recognise your hair type and texture. Think about your lifestyle as well – can you really incorporate the change in hair care routine into your lifestyle?

If you’re considering a permanent hair extensions change to your life or lifestyle, you need to spend time learning more about it. Will this big change suit you and the way you live?

And this 100% applies for tape in hair extensions; you need to know if they’re suitable for your hair type and texture – better safe than sorry! Some people have naturally oily scalps, and this will make the tapes more prone to slipping. If your hair is naturally greasy, it will not hold the tapes up and they will slip. Your hair type also affects the application method – so take the time to have a consultation with tape in extensions expert before you commit.

You also need to consider your lifestyle. Will permanent tape in extensions suit the way you live? And will you be able to care for your extensions properly? Sweating and frequent washing can cause the tapes to slip, so if you’re a gym bunny or regular swimmer you might want to think again. Likewise, if you have a job that means you get hot and sticky or means you need to wash your hair a lot, you might want to think again before committing to tape-ins and go for another option instead.


What are the crucial things to know before tape in extensions installation?



Book in a chat with tape in extensions expert – they’ll tell you everything that you need to know and will help you adapt your haircare routine and lifestyle around your new tape in extensions.

Have a chat with a hair extensions expert before you buy your hair extensions. A consultation with an expert will tell you what type of extension is best for you and your lifestyle, how much hair you will need and how to care for it.

One of the main reasons for tape in extensions slipping is faulty application, so don’t skimp on the fitting. Always choose an expert to fit your extensions, not someone who isn’t trained. It’s a false economy to use an untrained fitter because the way your tape ins are applied will truly make the world of difference to the way your extensions look and feel. They’re permanent extensions and will have a huge impact on your life if they’re not applied properly.

If your extensions are installed expertly, they won’t slip; an expert will adapt the application process to suit your hair type and texture. Your expert will also help you with crucial before and aftercare information, such as avoiding hair treatments in the 24 hours before application (that’s because the chemical residue from hair treatments will prevent the tapes from bonding properly). Likewise, they’ll reinforce the importance of avoiding washing your hair or having treatments in the 48 hours after application. This ensures the bonds have formed and the tapes are set.


How to care for tape in extensions after application.


Care for your tape ins by washing your hair at the correct interval, using the correct products, going easy on the conditioner and never, ever brushing them while wet.

  1. Don’t wash them too often. Tape in extensions have a keratin tape which will take 48 hours to fully cure or bond. After this you can wash your hair, but not at the same frequency as you would wash your natural hair. If you wash your extensions too often you will wear at the tape and increase the risk of slipping. You’ll need to find a balance that you’re happy with, depending on how quickly they get greasy. We’d really recommend that you don’t wash your tape in extensions any more frequently than once a week. If your hair starts looking greasy use a dry shampoo to absorb the excess oil.
  2. ALWAYS use extension-friendly products. The haircare market is enormous; there are so many products you can choose from. But finding the right products for your hair and extensions is so important. It’s a good ideal to opt for paraben-free and alcohol-free products – parabens are linked to cases of cancer and alcohol dries out your extensions. But the biggest enemy of keratin tapes are sulphates. Any type of sulphate is bad for keratin and your tape ins are attached with keratin tapes. The sulphates will wear away at them and your hair will slip. Coconut oil-based products will also damage the tapes and weaken them.
  3. Condition carefully. Always use hair conditioner and hair masks but protect your tapes by keeping the conditioner away from your roots. Conditioning treatments will damage your bonds – stay on the safe side and apply it from 3 inches below your roots.
  4. Never brush wet hair. Wet hair is heavy hair and wet bonds are weak bonds. Brushing wet hair will damage your hair and pull at the tapes causing them to slip.


Understanding the nuances of tape-in extensions slipping is crucial for ensuring a seamless and long-lasting hairstyle. At Cliphair, we prioritize providing high-quality tape-in extensions designed to minimize slipping and maximize comfort. Explore our premium tape-in extensions today to enjoy a flawless hair transformation without worrying about false slipping.


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