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Easy ways to conceal thinning hair

We all know that we all come in different shapes and sizes and so does our hair. Lovely thick shining hair might be a reality but for others of you, it might feel like a dream. It must be awful to look in the mirror and see less hairs on your head than there was yesterday. People can lose hair for so many reasons, genetics, stress, illness or poor diet are the most common. No matter what the cause is, it causes a lack of confidence and will make you feel less you. You don’t have to wave a white flag and give up though keep reading to find out why hair loss happens and what you can do to combat it.


Why is your hair falling out?

Why is it coming out? Not all people that wonder this question are elderly or have a horrendous illness. It is true that as we get older we produce less hair so if you find this happening in years to come, that is totally natural. If you are not in a family where women loose hair young then it is most likely down to dietary deficit. Try snacking on sunflower seeds, avocado and having sweet potato, these are great for hair growth.


Dealing with it:

Ok so its happening, there’s nothing you can do about it right? Wrong! Let’s check what you can do now.


clip in hair extensions-conceal-thin hari-head-massage



Get regular head massages

What a great excuse for a massage but trust me it isn’t just an excuse. Your head like anywhere needs good blood flow to work at its best. Think about it when you have a dead arm what is the recommendation, walk on it. Increasing blood flow in your scalp carry important nutrients to your hair follicles.


clip in hair extensions-conceal-thin hari-trim


Trim your hair

We don’t mean that you have to for a bald head look (that would defeat the purpose) but cutting your hair takes some of the weight of your roots and helps your hair to look fuller even if it isn’t in reality. You are so lucky that short bobs or medium length layers are so big at the moment. You can just pass it off as a change or style rather than a hair loss remedy.



clip in hair extensions-conceal-thin hari-little-help


Get a little help

Sometimes we like to admit and accept flaws but if you are not in the mood for that, fake till you make it. When you are starting to see your hair getting thinner it is time to call the hair extensions re-enforcements. They are brilliant for plumping up a thin hairstyle and don’t destroy your own hair.


clip in hair extensions-conceal-thin hari-diet-change


Change up your diet

This doesn’t mean weird meals or starvation but having food with nutrients that can help your hair stay strong and grow. I mentioned the snacks above but adding green like spinach to your diet can increase your oxygen. This is brilliant for keeping yourself healthy in general. If you want something to add to your hair add coconut oil it is great for strength,   repair damage and adds lovely shine.



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