Leaves changing colour, pumpkin spice latte everywhere, cosy scented candles and your favourite scarf emerging from the depth of your wardrobe: yes, autumn is finally here – which means, it’s time to freshen up your hair with a new hairstyle. The balayage is a popular highlighting technique used to create natural dimension in your tresses with hand-painted strokes of light (or lowlights, such as in the case of a reverse balayage). Also known as French blonde, this colouring method is particularly popular during summer – but what if I told you it can be a winning idea for the colder season too? Here are 10 trendy balayage ideas to inspire your next hairstyle!

Warm Caramel Balayage

Adding rich caramel and toffee tones to your hare can be incredibly flattering, especially for brunettes whose hair is naturally quite dark. These two colours together can be blended to brighten up your complexion in harmony with your natural hair colour, so why not?

If you are looking to add volume and thickness to your new balayage hairdo, check out our range of balayage hair extensions to bring your tresses to life with a fuller, livelier finish.

Silver Shadow Balayage 

Do you have jet black hair? Then look no further than this gorgeous balayage idea, designed to add daring contrast to your tresses in a subtle, almost sun-kissed way. Black balayage hair extensions, crafted with a mix of bright ash blonde and ash brown added to the darkest shade for a soft, naturally bright result. Perfect for illuminating those soft curls and braided hairstyles! Check out our silver shadow hair extensions to find your new look.

Bronde Balayage

Bronde seems to be one of the hottest trends for autumn, probably only second to red and copper shades. I have talked more in detail about how bronde can make your complexion glow in our dedicated blog: Bronde Hair Ideas For Autumn 2023. Made from a gorgeous blend between blonde and brown, a bronde balayage can be customised to flatter a wide range of complexions and eye colours by making either warmer with rich tones of gold, or cooler – focusing on ashy and silvery hues. Ask your hair colourist for more contrast at the tips and ends for extra pop.

Sandy Blonde Balayage

Nothing says fall like sandy blonde shades! This shade can be customised by adding honey-flavoured subtle highlights or strokes of ashier tones, including the ever-popular silver. Find your perfect match among our range of blonde balayage hair extensions today, and make it your new best seasonal look! 

Redhead Balayage 

Red is still going big this season, and perhaps we also have the cowgirl copper trend to thank. The past year has seen a boom of redheads coming up, including celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski and Nicole Scherzinger! Boost your ginger or deep red hair colour with copper and cinnamon babylights this autumn. One example? Our cinnamon swirl hair extensions can add extra dimension and pizzazz to light auburn and strawberry blonde tresses.

Brunette With Honey Blonde

Are you a brunette looking to freshen up your natural hair colour with a bolder, lighter hue? Opt for a chestnut honey balayage mix. Bold and daring, yet incredibly elegant, this gorgeous hair colour works wonders also when paired with a Money piece colour job – bringing brightness to your face with a trendy Y2K twist, for a stunning face-framing finish.

Reverse Balayage 

How about we switch things up for a change instead? If you’re a fan of lowlights and trying a different approach to the usual trends, then go for a reverse balayage. This technique works like a regular French blonde colouring method, however, instead of lightening the chosen sections your hairstylist will be sapiently darkening them. A reverse balayage will leave the roots and top sections lighter, for a dramatic yet natural-looking contrast that is just oh so perfect for fall. Depending on your natural colour, you can opt for chocolate brown, dirty blonde, dark auburn, or even jet black. 

Subtle Blonde With Shadow Roots

Already have a blonde balayage going on? An option to make it even more low maintenance is to drag the roots, for a lived-in finish. This will allow you to reduce the amount of time between touch ups, and it can also help you grow out your blonde whilst preparing for your next hair colour. Adding bronde hair extensions can further help you minimise the blonde look, giving you less contrast-y balayage results. 

Rich Amethyst Balayage for Brunettes

Unexpected and edgy, crazy colours in your hair can be used to create high-contrast looks. Whilst this may not exactly be a balayage per se, dual-tones looks are still very much in – and if you purchase funky coloured hair extensions, you can always get them customised to achieve a seamless balayage look with the help of your hairstylist. Purple and lilac are perfect for an amethyst balayage for brunettes, but feel free to experiment with other shades too! 

Bronze Gold Balayage

The last days of summer are long gone, but some of us still feel nostalgic and can’t help but hold onto the shades that remind us of beach days, sunny days, and afternoons spent lounging on the poolside. If this is you, don’t be afraid – bronze and golden tones will never not be trendy! Bronze hair extensions can help you keep up your beloved beachy, sun-kissed look all year-round.


Looking for a new autumn hairstyle? If you thought balayage was exclusively a summer look, think again. These rich, spicy and brightening options can help you achieve a glamorous new hairstyle for the current season. Add balayage hair extensions to your tresses to get your dream hair without the fuss of bleaching your natural strands!

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