Summer is coming to an end, and after all the highlights and blonde jobs of the warm season, it’s time to give your mane a kick. So… If red isn’t quite your shade and going dark isn’t exactly an option, don’t worry – there are plenty of ideas out there. One of them surely is bronde hair, a celebrity favourite sported by A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Sofia Vergara… You get the gist. What is bronde hair colour, and how can you rock it? In today’s blog, we’re going to explore bronde shades and ideas for autumn as an alternative to classic brunette and red shades: get ready to be inspired by this gorgeous, multitonal colour! 

Bronde Balayage

Starting the falling leaves season with a bronde balayage is a great way to keep your hair fresh without saying goodbye to your sun-kissed glow too soon. Mixing blonde and brunette in your tresses will help you maintain a tan-enhancing mane without muting your skin tone, keeping it bright with strategically placed highlights rather than keeping it too light as you would during summer. The balayage technique, also known as French blonde, is achieved by an expert colour technician that “free-hand paints” lighter strokes on your hair; if you’re already blonde, this look can be achieved with a reverse balayage, aka placing lowlights rather than highlights in your tresses.

Bronde Highlights & Lowlights

Think of caramel tones, a mix and match of blonde and brunettes, but instead of a balayage you’re going for a full-head of highlights, blending in seamlessly in a shade that brings the best of both worlds together. A mixed shade like this can be brought to life by adding chestnut bronze hair extensions, for a fuller mane that is boosted with thickness, volume, bounce, and even – why not? – added length. Perfect for that autumn-like coastal look that is already going so strong in fashion!

Ash Bronde Mix

For those blessed with an olive undertone, ashy hues can be combined to get a gloriously cool bronde hair colour that complements your complexion and illuminates your features with an everlasting glow. Our shade Iced Cappuccino is the perfect tool to do this: added to your natural hair colour, these clip in hair extensions can also be used to add subtle highlights to your mane without undergoing any bleach damage. 

Chunky Bronde Tones

Going for a Y2K look? Then make sure you tell your stylist that you’d like to achieve a bolder look by placing chunky, high-contrast highlights in your hair. If you’re a natural blonde, you’d need to ask for lowlights instead. Mixing brown and blonde this way won’t give you a seamless blend but will instead give you an edgy, artsy look just like Olivia Palermo, or Shay Mitchell. The perfect hair colour to stand out from the crowd, if that’s your style!

Rooted Bronde Ombre

Embrace the arrival of autumn with a rooted bronde hairstyle! Ombre hair has been raising in popularity again, in a glamorous, more polished way than it did in the now faraway 2016. Bronde tones, comprehensive of honey and ashy hues as well, are the perfect solution for those looking to change look without undergoing a dramatic transformation. Ideally, you’d want to get your roots darker, slowly fading into a rich bronde tone that is at its brightest around your ends. Ombre hair extensions are also perfect to get a subtle look without drying out your strands! 


Transforming your hair for the new season can be tricky – but don’t fret, this gorgeous, popular mix is here to help. There are plenty of ways you can achieve and style a bronde look, giving you a plethora of opportunities to express yourself and always look flawless. From soft curls, tight waves, sleek ponytails and messy buns, bronde hair performs at its finest giving you a glowing finish every time.

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