Crazy for the latest hair craze? I know, I get it – after the bronde wave for September, the latest trend in the world of hair colours and hair extensions seems to be the so-called “Cowgirl Copper” shade. But what kind of hair colour is this, is there anything such as cowgirl copper hair extensions, and how to embrace the trend?

Counting over 70 million views on TikTok, the tag #cowgirlcopper is breaking the internet – often paired with the latest by Doja Cat, “Paint The Town Red”. Come and meet the gorgeous shade that is literally dominating the scene! 

The Genesis of Cowgirl Copper

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Often arranged in soft, long and bouncy blowouts, the Cowgirl Copper trend has sparked an interest in Remy hair extensions to enhance natural hair with added volume and precious inches of length, to channel that free-spirited, wild beauty inspired by the wild West. But where does it come from? 

This year people seem to be holding onto summer even when we are well into October already. And yet, the Cowgirl Copper trend seems to be taking inspiration from the coastal cowgirl trend that went viral during the hotter season, inspired by the runway looks presented the past Spring/Summer by brands such as Ralph Lauren and Cult Gaia. Celebrity hair stylist and colour expert Jenna Perry, who brought the look to fame with her notorious client Emily Ratajkwoski, explained to Refinery29 how Emily is to be credited for the one celebrity that put the colour on the map.

Earlier this year, around July, Jenna turned Emrata into a fiery redhead, picking this unconventionally gorgeous, muted copper shade for her. Ever since, the popularity of this hair colour has been on the rise.

Cowgirl Chic Is More Than A Hair Colour

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Inspired by the old American West, the coastal cowgirl trend that went viral over summer has evolved to embrace the colder season. For this season, denim is replacing long linen skirts and airy blouses. Yes also to corduroy details and brown, camel, and burgundy tones. Camperos boots are still in, together with platform and chunky sneakers being vastly popular too. Fringed jackets and faux-leather details finish the look, bringing together a style influenced by untamed beauty, spirit of adventure, and rugged individualism.

Who Can Get The Cowgirl Copper Hair?

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The trend itself is one of the most inclusive, being approachable for those who have been blessed with darker hair as well. Its muted mix of colours appeals to every complexion, making it a universally flattering shade that can be adopted by blondes, brunettes, and natural redheads alike.

How To Achieve The Cowgirl Copper Colour:

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The trend can be achieved with different formulas, as seen on TikTok – although most stylists swear by this mix of Redken Shades EQ Hair Gloss:

  • 09CR “Summer Sunshine” at the root
  • 010AA “Butternut” for the base
  • 07AA “Turmeric” with a touch of 09CR for the ends

The result is a rich, warm auburn hairstyle infused with shiny, coppery tones.

In case you’re not familiar with the Shades EQ Hair Gloss range by Redken, they are slightly different from your regular hair dye – it is in fact an ammonia-free, demi-permanent conditioning colour product, universally loved by top-tier colourists around the world. It is different from most hair dyes as it gives hair a mirror-like, glossy shine without lifting. This colour usually needs a touch up every 6 weeks.

If you’d like to get the Cowgirl Copper shade on your tresses, don’t be afraid of the lingo. Go to your stylist and tell them exactly the name of this trend, even if you may feel a little embarrassed. “Glazed amber”, “butternut blonde”, “cowgirl copper”, “expensive brunette”: sometimes the trendy names that come up on Social Media can go a little too far, but it will give your stylist something to look up to get a precise idea of what you’d like.

Inspired by this trendy shade and coming closer and closer to our annual redhead campaign, we launched a gorgeous shade to match this luminous, spicy and trendy hair colour. World, meet the Cowgirl Copper hair extensions!

How To Style Cowgirl Copper Hair

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The trend is usually associated with long, big and fluffy hairstyles. If you don’t have the necessary length and thickness to recreate this type of blowouts, you can always resort to human hair extensions. Lucky for you, Cliphair already has a Cowgirl Copper range! Our shade Dark Auburn is perfect to match your cowgirl copper tresses and recreate the viral looks currently breaking the internet. 

Cowgirl Copper Clip In Hair Extensions:

You can get double weft hair extensions to get a thicker, luscious look to go with your length, and create voluminous blow outs, braids, and gorgeous waves whenever you feel like it.

Another option is to go for ultra volume hair extensions in our shade number 30, aka Dark Auburn, to gift thicker hair with maximised bounce, volume and dimension – ideal to recreate glamorous blowouts or blend in blunt haircuts.

Seamless hair extensions are perfect for those that prefer a more sophisticated look, thanks to their double-drawn feature: same thickness from root to tip and unmatched shine, softness and manageability, designed with a silicone seam that lays flat against the scalp for a super-discreet finish.

Cowgirl Copper Permanent Hair Extensions:

The range of cowgirl copper magic extends to permanent hair extensions as well, perfect for those who’d like a long-lasting makeover in their tresses! Nano ring hair extensions are the perfect solution for those who have finer, or thinner hair: a master of discretion even in the trickiest of updos, this type of hair extensions needs to be applied by a skilled professional. Nano ring extensions are an ideal, cost-effective option – since the hair is double-drawn and superior in quality, it can be reused at your next fitting appointment.

Tape in hair extensions are a quicker option for those who don’t have much time to spend at the salon, as the application time is much lower compared to a full-head of nanos. The tapes are applied as a “sandwich” around the natural hair, and can easily be removed when it’s time for a re-fit by using our nifty tape remover.

Makeup Magic:

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The Cowgirl Copper hair colour works wonders on any complexion, warming up the face and bringing a natural glow to those who decide to wear it. In terms of makeup, it’s worth exploring the common palettes that are popular among redheads, focusing on earthy, warm tones, neutrals, and some emerald green and sapphire blue eyeshadow when one feels colourful or particularly daring. Rust and bronze tones for your cheeks will go a long way, together with nude lips.


In conclusion, the Cowgirl Copper trend is the captivating new take on the red hair craze we’ve been experiencing since last year. Coming up with a new, muted, warmer and darker shade makes redhead more approachable for those who have naturally darker hair too, and let me tell you: in my humble opinion, this is the most beautiful hair colour of the year!

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