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How Many Times Can You Dye Hair Extensions?

How Many Times Can You Dye Hair Extensions

With so many cool and trendy hair colours all over social media, it’s no surprise that many of you want to know how many times you can dye your hair extensions. In short, aslong as you are going darker and use only semi-permenant colour you can dye your human hair extensions more than once, but it will have an effect on the hair quality and the life-span.

We understand that buying new real hair extensions each time you want to change your hair colour can be quite costly. So read on to find out how to dye your human hair extensions multiple times while minimising damage to your extensions.

How Many Times Can You Dye Hair Extensions?


Of course, with over 60 shades available, we would always encourage you to buy a shade closest to your own hair colour rather than dying them. We advise you to look through our wide colour range first to choose the perfect shade or use our free Colour Matching Service to get a good colour match. This is because Remy Human hair, just like your natural hair, will begin to lose its quality and shine after too many chemical processes. 

How Many Times Can I Dye Hair Extensions

Remy extensions have already been through a chemical process, so bleaching or lightening the hair will affect its quality and its lifespan. As the hair extensions have been removed from their natural root, they are no longer receiving all the nutrients and oils they need to survive and thrive. This means extra care needs to be taken if you want a long and happy life with them, which includes using minumal heat and avoiding strong chemicals like hair dye. 

Can i dye hair extensions darker? 

How Many Times Can You Dye Hair Extensions?
You should always start with blonde hair extensions or really light colours if you're looking to change the colour. Hair extensions often resist for at least three dyeing jobs and still be in great condition. However, if you keep going darker and darker from the previous colour, you will be able to dye your extensions more than three times, but make sure you wash, rinse and condition them well. If you want to minimise the damage, we advise you to get a professional to colour it for you, however, if you're dyeing your extensions at home, or if it is your first time, you should always follow the instructions


 How Many Times Can I Dye my Hair Extensions

It’s always best to understand your own hair first before dyeing your human hair extensions. The better you know your hair, the better your judgement will be when getting the colour you want. For instance, if you have some red shades or highlights in your hair, you should base your colour of choice this, to either balance the red tinges or accentuate them. By examining your own hair colour and doing your research, you will avoid any disappointment. For the best results we reccomend visiting a salon and letting a professional hair colourist with experience in dying hair extensions do the job. 

Can you dye hair extensions lighter?

dyeing hair etensions

Lightening hair usually involves harsh dyes, strong peroxides or bleach which are not suitable to use on hair extensions. As all human hair extensions go through bleaching and heavy processing during the manufacturing, applying yet more chemicals to them will seriously decrease the quality. Hair extensions are also coated in a special solution to keep them shiny, healthy and smooth which can create a barrier to high lift tints or bleaches. This can leave you with a result you were not expecting or even repel the colour altogether.


Achieving bright hair colours

How Many Times Can I Dye Hair Extensions

Even though we do have a range of funky shades we totally get that bold colours are extremely hard to match too so naturally most people do prefer to custom dye their extensions to match. This is fine as long as a semi-permanent dye is used, and the hair is very well looked after afterwards. Most funky and bold coloured hair dyes do not include peroxide or lighteners so they are actually not too damaging to the hair, you can even find conditioners that have colour pigment inside which is even better.

To create any vibrant hair colour we advise using #60 Lightest Blonde as this is the lightest, cleanest blonde. This will give you the perfect blank canvas to work from as the base is already light enough to reach pastel or bold shades.

can you dye hair extensions more than once

You can also dye your hair extensions various colours at the same time. When using multiple shades at the same time cover each section in foil to prevent the colours bleeding into eachother. 

To get rainbow hair, simply use our lightest blond hair extensions shade and dye your hair following the instructions in our "Rainbow Hair" Blog.

Top Tips

If you choose to dye your extensions at home, always carry out a strand test first so you know how the extensions absorb the dye, this will help you to control the timings. The hair on your extensions is more porous than your natural hair, and absorbs dye more quickly. Take note of the colouring process and end result before continuing to dye the rest of your hair. When choosing the dye, you should use a low-volume developer or semi-permenant dye to reduce damage. 

can you dye your hair extensions multiple times

Be mindful of the amount of time you leave the dye in for. If you leave the dye in your hair for too long, you could wind up with a much stronger colour than you were hoping for. If you do not leave the colour on for long enough it may have an uneven results meaning you will need to dye again which is worse for the hair. Its always best to follow the manufacturers instructions on the box and test a strand of hair before. 

Always thoroughly rinse the dye from the extensions. Read through our instructions on cleaning your extensions when washing the dye from the hair. It is always better to air dry your extensions than to use heat tools. 

how many times can i dye hair extensions

Remember to never use hot water when washing the dye from your hair extensions, instead, use slightly warm water, as this will give your hair longer life.

Are you thinking of dyeing your extensions? Shop our blonde extensions now.  

If you need help, contact our team of hair experts for your hair questions. And don’t forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your looks.


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