Are you planning on getting a new hair colour? With the changing of seasons, mood and trends it’s easy to get seduced by new shades - but not everybody looks the same and that deliciously glossy jet black that looks so well on your favourite celeb might just turn your traits into a dull mess. Want to know how to choose a hair colour? Then read on and let’s find out the many factors to take in consideration.

Different Colours For Different Skin Tones (back to index)

The first thing to consider when picking a hair colour is your natural skin tone. Together with your traits, certain skin tones work better with lighter hair colours, ashier tones or golden shades and so on. One important rule to follow is to always try to keep the depth of your colour as variegated as possible: unless you’re going for an intentional colour block shade, natural hair always has more than one tone to it - and the same should apply to your hair dyeing technique. Find out the whole process of dyeing and toning human hair extensions in our "How To Dye Hair Extensions" Blog. But let’s see together how that works more in detail.

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Skin Undertones (back to index)

The undertone of a skin colour has nothing to do with your ethnicity - and whilst your skin tone can change throughout the year with the changing of seasons, your undertone will always stay the same. Undertones can either be cool, warm or neutral - and they can dramatically change the way you pull off a hair colour and a make-up palette choice.

In order to identify your skin undertone, you can resort to the “white top test”.

In natural light, wear a plain white top or t-shirt, or simply place a white sheet next to your face. If in comparison your face looks rosy, then you’re cool toned. If it appears more golden-hued, then you’re warm toned. To find out if you’re neutral toned, then try both a pure white and an off-white or creamy shade; if you can pull off both of these shades without looking washed out, then you’re likely to be neutral toned!

Another test is the veins test: on your wrists, cool undertones will make your veins appear blue. Warm undertones will make them look green, and neutral tones will allow you to see both colours on your veins.

Cool Undertones

Cool undertones are characterised by pink, rosy and even blue shades on your skin.

Warm Undertones

Warm undertones present golden, yellow and peachy hues.

Neutral Undertones

Neutral undertones are not that common, and it presents a balance of cool and warm features.

What Hair Colour Suits Cool Undertones? (back to index)

Usually, cool skin tones are complemented by balancing things out with warmer shades.

  • Blonde: think of rich caramel, honey and golden tones to add depth and texture to a blonde mane.
  • Brown: deep mahogany, chestnut, or a creamy toffee shade will keep things interesting for a cool-toned brunette.
  • Red: copper and golden ginger will bring light and warmth to your traits without going heavy on the red pigment.

What Hair Colour Suits Warm Undertones? (back to index)

Simply put, warm skin tones work best with more ash and less brass.

  • Blonde: ash blonde, platinum and champagne are flattering shades that will bring out the best out of your naturally sunkissed appearance.
  • Brown: light ash brown, deep chocolate tresses and even jet black hair will add the right amount of mystery to a warm-toned person looking to go darker.
  • Red: if you’re looking to indulge into blushy shades, look for auburn and ruby red hues.

What Hair Colour Suits Neutral Undertones? (back to index)

Neutral undertones can play around with most shades without having to compromise too much. Congratulations! You’re the blessed ones in the roster.

What Other Factors Should You Take In Consideration? (back to index)

When choosing a hair colour, undertone is not everything. Your skin tone and eye colour, for example, play a huge role too! Let’s have a look at the best options based on these factors too.

Best Hair Colours For Blue Eyes (back to index)

Blue eyes look best with colours that go in contrast with their cool hues. If your undertone allows it, you can go for darker shades such as chocolate brunette, chestnut and even toffee; opt for an audacious inky black and - if you’re a fan of light hair - golden blondes and coppery reds.

Best Hair Colours For Green Eyes (back to index)

Green eyes thrive with warmer tones; feel free to go bananas with auburn hair, chocolate, burgundy red and strawberry blonde. If you’d like to go dark, try to stick to natural shades such as darkest brown. Another colour that will make your green irises pop is dark copper, in harmonious contrast.

Best Hair Colours For Hazel Eyes (back to index)

Hazel eyes bring out the best of both worlds, with a lovely mix of brown and blue or green eyes. It’s one of the rarest eye colours, and its different hues give you space to play around with many different shades. Based on your skin undertone, try to experiment with ashy tones or warmer ones such as burgundy and auburn.

Best Hair Colours For Brown Eyes (back to index)

Brown eyes are so unappreciated, but little do these haters know - they are so versatile! Brown eyes go incredibly well not only with classic shades such as warm brunettes and jet black - but also golden blonde, copper red, auburn, ashy blonde and even platinum. Brown-eyed people can also easily rock funky colours such as pink, blue, green and purple (always being mindful of their undertone)!

Which Unnatural Colour Should I Dye My Hair? (back to index)

If you’re a fan of funky colours, then this section is for you. If you like experimenting and to express yourself creatively, you may want to go outside of the box with your mane too. Instantly upgrade your hair colour with our range of funky hair colours

Want to know which funky hair colour suits you best? Then let’s have a look at these unnatural shades to match your natural beauty.

Rose Gold (back to index)

One of the trendiest unnatural shades, rose gold hair broke the internet a few years ago and never left since. It’s a fan favourite especially for summer and festival hair looks.

Rose gold owes its popularity to the fact that it compliments every skin tone too.

Silver (back to index)

Whether your tresses are naturally greying or you’re about to make a fashionable statement, silver hair is finally one of the trendiest shades to embrace. Cool undertones can rock silver locks with both class and sass, depending on their hairstyle and make-up and fashion choices for the occasion.

Teal (back to index)

A lot of people in search of a makeover are scared to even come close to this shade, but teal is all the rage. Its creamy and minty colour can freshen up a dull haircut, and add a youthful, witchy touch to your natural colour. Huge bonus: just like rose gold, it can work its magic with any undertone!

Lilac (back to index)

Cotton candy lilac hair are an interesting, romantic and flirty choice for every undertone. It’s a chic and lowkey crazy colour, which keeps things interesting without compromising on looking classy. Its sensational versatility and subtle edginess make it a valid option for your funky coloured makeover.

Blue (back to index)

Together with scarlet red and pink, blue is one of the hardest crazy colours to maintain as it washes out pretty quickly. But other than that, it’s a lovely hair colour that adds depth, mystery and a pinch of romance to your average look. Depending on your skin undertone, you can pick different shades of blue to channel your inner mermaid!

Scarlet Red (back to index)

Rich, vibrant scarlet red calls for attention. It’s an important colour, to wear with boldness and confidence. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Bright red can be worn all year round, but it looks the best during autumn, matching the colour of falling leaves. It also works well with every undertone. Get more inspiration with our "Top 8 Red Hairstyles For Alluring Autumn". 

Orange (back to index)

You may think orange is not an enticing or welcoming hair colour, but think again. Not only it’s been the signature shade of singer Hayley Williams for years, it’s been rocked by many other celebrities such as Rita Ora, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Bella Thorne and Sofia Vergara. What else? Orange is a peppy, flirty and playful shade. A must-try!

Emerald Green (back to index)

Rich, dark emerald green (or even forest green) can be a romantic, edgy shade that brings both warm and cool undertones out with graceful mystery and intensity. If you’re looking for a deep, sexy shade that is not being abused like red, know that a green haired person can be incredibly sensual without even trying.

Purple (back to index)

Purple hair is naturally magical. Purple is the colour of amethyst, representing individuality and creativity, but it also is a mysterious and deep, rich shade that doesn’t settle for less. It’s an underrated colour that makes cool undertones pop, and works with every eye colour too.

Gunmetal (back to index)

Last but not least, gunmetal hair is the rarest shade ever - but one of my favourites nonetheless! Gunmetal grey is a deep, glossy dark shade of silver, rich in texture and working wonders with warm undertones; the best option for those that would like to try silver but are afraid of having too much fun with the bleach.

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