It’s not easy to keep up with all the products that get developed for the health and care of hair and scalp every week, month, and year - I know, trust me. But thankfully, some of these products are constantly evergreen - their recipe doesn’t change (or at least, it doesn’t dramatically change) over the years, prices remain more or less the same, and overall - the product itself keeps on making millions of customers happy.

If you’ve been our reader for long enough, by now you’re probably well aware of how much we love listicles here, and how I love creating new ones after experimenting with beauty products to review (and spoil my hair with).

However, there’s only so many listicles that you can keep on pushing on our customers. So I told myself to curate a list of items that have kept on going strong in the past few years - no lousy new releases, no TikTok trends: just pure and raw customer-review-based shopping to make a truthful promise to my readers!

If you’re wearing real hair extensions or keeping your mane natural for the time being, these products are guaranteed to work their magic on both. Just make sure you follow the instructions correctly and don’t apply any product on your attachment beads/adhesive strip in case you’re using permanent hair extensions or tape-in hair extensions.

Ready to roll?

1. Best Hair Products For Damaged Hair (back to index)

Damaged and overly-treated tresses are often thirsty for moisture and begging to be repaired. Although it’s not entirely possible to rebuild the structure of broken, brittle hair, there’s a few products that you can use to take care of your strands and postpone their encounter with the shears for a while. Let’s see them together.

Amika The Kure Intense Bond Repair Mask

Amika The Kure Intense Bond Repair Mask

Indie brand Amika is kure-ing (see what I did there?)  the nation of damaged hair with their Intense Bond Repair Mask. Advocating care for all hair types, this organic hair product targets dry and damaged tresses to strengthen your hair, reduce breakage and prevent future damage. Using its unique “bond cure” technology, this plant butter infused formula (think: mango butter extract, borage oil and shea butter) provides an intense hair conditioning treatment and guaranteed hair health post treatment.

Shop Here: Amika The Kure Intense Bond Repair Mask

Philip Kingsley Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment

Over processed, tangled hair is a thing of the past with this proficient pre-shampoo healer. Proudly exhibiting the brands 'Advanced Bond Rebuilding Technology', prepare to experience drastically restored hair in a matter of minutes. The very best hair care; their expert formula works to restore hair follicles from the inside out, championing industry-favourite panthenol to deliver long-lasting moisture and thickness while ensuring a healthy shine. 

Shop Now: Philip Kingsley Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment

Philip Kingsley Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment

Redken Extreme Mask

Redken Extreme Mask

Redken’s extreme hair strengthening mask is perfect for repairing damaged hair and preventing breakage. Formulated with active proteins and 6% strength complex, this expert formula will have your hair feeling touchably soft and strong, almost instantly. 

Shop Now: Redken Extreme Mask

The Hair Lab by Mark Hill Bond Repair Internal Bond Repair Cream

Time to say goodbye to dry, damaged, and brittle hair. This genius molecular technology will restore hair bonds internally, reduce breakage and leave hair follicles visibly stronger. Perfect for excessive colour treated hair - you know who you are – this miracle cream will restore your hair with intensive moisture, leaving your hair silky soft and noticeably healthier. 

The Hair Lab by Mark Hill Bond Repair Internal Bond Repair Cream

Sebastian Professional No. Breaker Leave-in Spray

Sebastian Professional No. Breaker Leave-in Spray 100ml

Say goodbye to heat styling hair damage. This fantastic treatment works tirelessly to fortify weakened hair, displaying up to 99% less breakage. This best hair styling product is guaranteed to leave hair feeling healthy and strong, using a unique formula of apple acid and styling polymers to repair dry and damaged hair follicles. 

Shop Now: Sebastian Professional No. Breaker Leave-in Spray

2. Best Hair Care Products For Blonde Hair (back to index)

Whether you’re a natural blonde or not, chances are you have been looking for colour specific treatments at some point. Either to tone your hair with a touch of silver to get that ashy sunkissed hue, or to debrass your tresses before going in with another colour - don’t fret: there’s lines of makeup studied exclusively for you!

Virtue Colorkick De-Brassing Shampoo

Virtue Colorkick De-Brassing Shampoo

Banish brassy tones with Virtue’s Colorkick De-Brassing Shampoo. Packed with Alpha Keratin 60ku® proteins to restore colour-treated hair to its pre-treatment glory, this shampoo will also help protect hair against future damage. With a unique blend of Viola Odorata Flower Leaf Extract, Lavender Flower Extract and Rosemary Leaf Extract, retain the vibrancy of your hair colour without the need for chemical-based toners.

Shop Now: Virtue Colorkick De-Brassing Shampoo

OLAPLEX No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo

Industry favourite haircare brand Olaplex is backing blonde haired people with their toning shampoo. For enviable cool blonde locks while protecting and repairing bleached hair, this formula will become a fast favourite. Their purple mix strengthens, softens, and neutralises unwanted yellow tones for brighter, more manageable hair. Blondes definitely have more fun with OLAPLEX!

Shop Now: OLAPLEX No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo

OLAPLEX No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo

3. Best Hair Care Products For Coloured Hair (back to index)

Colour-treated hair needs special care and attention, especially if you don’t want to see all the money you invested in your hair fade away in a few weeks. If you’re constantly exposing your tresses to direct sunlight or, for example, swimming a lot (both for sports and leisure) you may be putting your hair colour at risk.

Josh Wood Colour Pink Quartz Hair Glaze

Josh Wood Colour Pink Quartz Hair Glaze

Have you noticed funkier hair colours than usual around? Festivals season is all about coloured hair, and by coloured hair I mean blues, purples, and pinks of course! Josh Wood has made adding a splash of colour to your life miles easier with his Pink Quartz Hair Glaze. Perfect for adding vivid semi-permanent shades to your heart's content, the range also comes in Blue Reef and Peach Blush. If you’re looking to add extra volume and length to your coloured hair, check out our vibrant range of coloured clip-in hair extensions.

Shop Now: Josh Wood Colour Pink Quartz Hair Glaze

Pureology Color Fanatic Top Coat + Tone Blue

Pureology have released this multi-function hair spray that provides essential nutrients to prime and protect your colour treated hair. Combining fennel seed extract with a natural blend of camelina, coconut and olive oil, this formula protects and strengthens coloured hair to ensure long lasting shade and optimum hair health for months to come. Expect silky smooth, heat protected locks that maintain vivid colour to keep those heads on the street turning. Pssst… Did you know you can colour your hair extensions? Check out our full guide on how to dye hair extensions here. 

Shop Now: Pureology Color Fanatic Top Coat + Tone Blue

Pureology Color Fantatic Top Coat + Tone Blue

L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox

L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox

Did you know our hair contains traces of metal, and this varies wherever we are in the world? I didn’t either! L’Oréal’s new range promises to neutralise excess copper in the hair, to ensure your chosen colour treatment leaves hair naturally vivid without those pesky brassy tones. Use their range as a pre-treatment before colouring to achieve perfect tone every time. Not only that, expect protection from breakage and added shine to give your freshly coloured locks that extra va va voom!

Shop Now: L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox

4. Best Hair Care Products For Greasy Hair (back to index)

Having greasy hair and scalp is both a blessing and a curse. Of course, your hair naturally conditioned and moisturised as your scalp is going strong with the sebum. On the other hand, this can lead to greasy skin, itchy scalp, smelly hair and more. Luckily, there’s a few things that you can do to minimise this type of issues and avoid having to shampoo your hair every day. Starting with the right products!

Kérastase Specifique Bain Divalent Balancing Shampoo

Kérastase Specifique Bain Divalent Balancing Shampoo

Greasy roots with dry, frizzy ends. Sound familiar? Kérastase’s new shampoo has an intensely purifying formula that works to remove excess sebum cleansing the scalp. Glycine® and Vitamin B6 help to rebalance hair moisture and repair dry, damaged hair follicles. Expect revitalised tresses with a healthy shine; lightweight locks that feel smooth and softened. Consistently one of the best haircare brands worldwide, expect nothing short of excellence with Kérastase.

Shop Now: Kérastase Specifique Bain Divalent Balancing Shampoo

dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Lite

Artisanal crafted Apple Cider Vinegar is not just for cooking. dpHUE have got fine haired girls covered with their new shampoo substitute. With unique gently cleansing action, this organic hair product clears impurities and soothes scalp irritation without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Expect locked in colour and healthy shine, without compromising your scalp health. 

Shop Now: dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Lite

dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Lite

Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo

Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo

Waiting for that perfect hair day? Try Living Proof’s expert dry shampoo formula. This weightless spray will restore your hair to its just-washed glory and give your locks that well needed boost between showers. This specific spray is silicone-free, utilising Living Proof’s Triple-Action Cleaning Technology to absorb residue of sweat, oil and odour without the powder! Infused with a slow releasing fragrance, this formula will have your hair feeling and smelling fresh whatever your day throws at you.

Shop Now: Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo

The Inkey List Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

Another one for scalp health. THE INKEY LIST’s Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment clears away persistent impurities, fighting flakes, product build up and unbalanced oils to leave your hair feeling wonderfully fresh. Think of it as a spring clean for your scalp, the 7% Glycolic acid formula will remove dead skin, regulate sebum levels and balance your scalp’s microbiome. Good scalp health has never been so easy!

Shop Now: The Inkey List Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

The Inkey List Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

5. Best Hair Care Products For Scalp Health (back to index)

I always talk a lot about hair and sometimes people tend to forget that its health and beauty is strictly related to their scalp’s state. There’s no way you can achieve gorgeous and healthy tresses with a struggling scalp! No matter the season, there’s a good product for you that you can use to guarantee your scalp’s wellbeing.

Coola SPF30 Organic Scalp and Hair Mist

Coola SPF30 Organic Scalp & Hair Mist

Coola has released this beautifully refreshing hair mist designed to protect the scalp from harmful UV rays without weighing hair down or leaving greasy residue. Organic hair products are all the rage right now, and this ocean-scented hair mist is no different. This formula of soothing bergamot extract and antioxidant centella asiatica extract will protect your hair from the burning and colour fading effects of the sun. 

Shop Now: Coola SPF30 Organic Scalp and Hair Mist

Fekkai Apple Cider Detox Scrub

Healthy scalp means healthy hair, right? This pre-shampoo treatment scrub by Fekkai exfoliates and nourishes the scalp, removing harmful build up from pollution and hair products. Extract of Apple Cider Vinegar also prevents bacteria build up while soothing and restoring your damaged scalp. 

Shop Now: Fekkai Apple Cider Detox Scrub


Davines Elevating Scalp Recovery Treatment

Davines Elevating Scalp Recovery Treatment

Did the sun wreak havoc on your scalp health? Dry and itchy scalp is a thing of the past; soothe and hydrate with Davines revolutionary scalp treatment. Their anti-inflammatory active formula of tasmanian pepper berry and fumaria officinials extracts soothes scalp damage, whilst balancing your scalp's microbiome with a special blend of postbiotic molecules. 

6. Best Hair Care Products For Dry Hair (back to index)

Dry hair, split ends, and tresses that feel brittle and crunchy at the touch. Not exactly the princess hair that you envisioned to rock? Don’t worry, before chopping it all off you can still try and give a go at quenching your hair’s thirst with these awesome products.

MONDAY Haircare Moisture Shampoo

MONDAY Haircare Moisture Shampoo

Salon quality, supermarket price. Rewind to a time when your hair was healthy and chemical-treatment free. Experience a moisture bomb to your locks; MONDAY’s new Moisture Shampoo is perfect for dry, coarse, and stressed hair.

Enriched with Coconut oil for scalp nourishment and Hydrolyzed rice protein to promote collagen production and help reinforce hair strands. As one of the best hair care brands of 2021; MONDAY’s cult following is certainly justified. What’s more, they’re completely vegan, cruelty free and contain no SLS or parabens.

Shop Now: MONDAY Haircare Moisture Shampoo

Briogeo Vegan Apple Honey Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Winnie the Pooh watch out; there’s a new adorable honey bear in town, and he’ll do wonders for damaged hair. Transform your dry, damaged locks with this ultra-nourishing and hydrating hair mask!

Briogeo have improved their previous formula to include vegan apple honey complex (a nourishing, animal-friendly alternative to honey), which provides ultra-nourishment and hydration to chemically damaged tresses.

Expect strengthened, softened strands in as little as two treatments. And don’t worry – their bear-y cute packaging does good as well as looks good; Briogeo’s range is stored in fully recycled (and recyclable) bottles.

Shop Now: Briogeo Vegan Apple Honey Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Briogeo Vegan Apple Honey Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Kerastase Masque Réhydratant Hair Mask

Kerastase Masque Réhydratant Hair Mask

This hair mask delivers an explosion of moisture to your hair, intensely hydrating and nourishing your precious locks. Their remarkable formula strengthens and smooths hair fibres, reduces tangling and minimises hair fall. With a special blend of Edelweiss Native Cells, Ginger Root and Aminexil, this recipe will flawlessly protect your tresses from drying, damaging agents.

Shop Now: Kerastase Masque Réhydratant Hair Mask

Rahua Hydration Hair Mask

From just 15 minutes in your hair, this magical mask will transform coarse locks into healthy strands. The formula is made from a tantalising blend of natural oils and butters to reset your hair to its former glory.

Shop Now: Rahua Hydration Hair Mask

Rahua Hydration Hair Mask

Aquage CBD Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Aquage CBD Leave-In Conditioning Spray

What does CBD do for your hair? CBD-infused products are all the range right now, and the hype isn’t limited to marijuana smokers. CBD influences the natural sebum or oil levels in the scalp to reduce issues such as dandruff and dry scalp. This conditioning spray by Aquage smooths and tames dry, damaged hair as well as providing formidable heat protection. Replenish the moisture of your parched locks and boost strength, manageability, and shine.

Shop Now: Aquage CBD Leave-In Conditioning Spray

OUAI x BYREDO Leave In Conditioner

Leave in conditioners are having a moment right now, and OUAI’s collab with BYREDO is no different. Marketing itself as a hair fragrance and leave-in conditioner hybrid, OUAI’s expert conditioning formula pairs beautifully with BYREDO's iconic Mojave Ghost scent. Not only will it smell luscious enough to eat, the conditioning spray will leave your hair feeling hydrated and smooth with formidable protection from heat. Expect wonderfully nourished hair enriched with amino acids, vitamin E and hydrolysing proteins to create an ease of style and weightless, bouncy locks.

Shop Now: OUAI x BYREDO Leave In Conditioner

OUAI x BYREDO Leave In Conditioner

7. Best Hair Care Products For Curly Hair (back to index)

Curly and wavy hair are a true blessing - there’s something unique about natural ringlets, curls, coils and waves - but like uncle Ben once said: with great power comes great responsibility! Textured hair naturally struggles in retaining moisture, but at the same time many moisture-promising products are not designed to be lightweight enough to avoid affecting your strands’ natural shape. And that’s where curl-specific products come into play!

Matrix A Curl Can Dream Moisturising Cream

Matrix A Curl Can Dream Moisturizing Cream

Cherish all kinds of curls and coils with this manuka honey infused moisturising cream. This ingenious formula provides moisture and definition to your locks without flaking or crunch. Free from sulphates, silicones and parabens, this cream is sure to leave your locks beautiful and bouncy while maintaining hair health.

Shop Now: Matrix A Curl Can Dream Moisturising Cream

Not Your Mothers Curl Talk Hard Hold Hair Gel

Fight the frizz and lock your look in place with Not Your Mothers Curl Talk Hard Hold Hair Gel. For girls with a range of curls, coils and ringlets, activate a long-lasting hold that preserves your style while maintaining a natural bounce. This maximum strength hair gel is formulated with Rice-curl complex to hydrate and define your curls. With a lingering citrus & jasmine scent, this best hair styling product is sure to be a staple in the curly hair care world.

Shop Now: Not Your Mothers Curl Talk Hard Hold Hair Gel

Amika Power Hour Curl Refreshing Spray

Amika Power Hour Curl

Got curly hair? This is the product for you. Amika have released this gloriously lightweight spray to cater for a whole range of curls, waves, and coils. This moisturising spray instantly refreshes dry hair and banishes frizz, leaving your curls silky smooth and stupidly soft. What’s more, Amika products are proudly vegan and cruelty free. So, you can look good and feel great all at the same time! 

Shop Now: Amika Power Hour Curl Refreshing Spray

MONAT Studio One Wave Spray

A potent liquid spray to produce the perfect beachy waves. This handy bottle contains magic ingredients including Black Spruce Bark Extract, Baobab Seed Oil and Coconut Water. The sea-salt-free formula adds weightless, humidity resistant hold for perfect volume and definition. Build the perfect textured waves without drying out your hair!

Shop Now: MONAT Studio One Wave Spray

Monat Studio One

8. Conclusion: (back to index)

It’s not every day that I work out a long listicle with hair care heroes like this one, but when I do… Well, I try to do it properly. The hair care industry is constantly evolving and I can promise you I’ll do my best to keep up (anything to get to try expensive hair masks, really) and let you know how that goes.

Thank you for reading our blog! We hope you enjoyed this article – if you liked what you’ve read, share this with your friends and follow us on our Social Media channels to keep up with the latest trends, tips, guides, and more!

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