Round-faced babes listen up - do we have the best hairstyles for you! From short and funky cuts to long, luscious locks – the first edition of our face shape series zones in on the best haircuts to flatter round faces. Give Cliphair's handy guide a read to discover how to make your features pop!

1. But First… What Is A Round Face? (back to index)

 A round face is usually characterised by lovely, soft features and equal dimensions. Take a look in the mirror – are your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw around the same width? Yes? You have a round face!

Luckily, there are loads of beautiful round face celebrities to inspire your hair goals, such as:  

  • Emma Stone
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Selena Gomez
  • Gigi Hadid
  • Lupita Nyong’o
  • Gabrielle Union
  • Janelle Monáe
  • Gemma Chan
  • Priyanka Chopra

2. What Hairstyles Suits A Round Face? (back to index)

You’re probably wondering what hair length looks best on round faces or does straight or curly hair look better on round faces? 

Sam Burnett, KMS Global Style Council Member and Owner and Creative Director at Hare & Bone gave the following advice to the Marie Claire website:

‘Elongate round face shapes by creating soft layering just below the jawline, keeping the shape square throughout.’

According to the Goodhousekeeping wesbite, round faces can also get away with edgier haircuts. Strong angles and graphic styles provide structure to your soft features, which may appear too harsh on other face shapes.

So, longer lengths and sleek locks are generally more flattering for round faces. But, pssst… you don’t have to restrict yourself to just one look.

As long as you style your tresses in a manner that elongates, slims and adds structure to your features, you’re winning.

3. What Hairstyles Should Round Faces Avoid? (back to index)

‘Stay away from a bob or cut that is all one length’ advises award-winning hairstylist, salon owner and natural hair expert Charlotte Mensah.

Round faces should also steer clear from layers above the jawline and chin-length cuts.


Because these styles draw attention across your face, making your features appear wider. So for example, a blunt, straight fringe or wide curls will add bulk to your face.  

Does that mean that bobs, fringes and curls are out? 


You just have to get savvy with your styling. Taking into account ALL hair lengths, textures and styles – we’ve listed the best hairstyles to flatter round faces below:

4. Short Hairstyles For Round Faces (back to index)

@lanacondor looking stunning in her short hair

@lanacondor looking stunning in her short hair

Think short hair doesn’t flatter a round face? Think again! 

A short and spiky ‘do is one of the best short hairstyles for round faces and thin hair. The key is to add LOADS of volume to the height of your bonce. This type of haircut will elongate your face without the need for length. 

Kelly Osbourne and Halle Berry are all round face celebrities that LOVE this edgy hairstyle.

5. Bob Hairstyles For Round Faces (back to index)

Embed from Getty Images

Uh oh… danger zone. Bobs can be one of the riskier short hairstyles for round faces… or are they?

Go for the LOB (long bob). This chic and sophisticated hairstyle is cut just below the chin and draws the eye down the face, giving the illusion of length. 

Just check out Selena Gomez for proof that this is one of the best slimming haircuts for round faces. 

6. Medium Length Hairstyles For Round Faces (back to index)

Priyanka Chopra Strutting her beautiful medium hair length

Shoulder length styles are beautiful and elegant haircuts for round faces. As long as layers are kept below the chin, these styles perfectly elongate and slim your face shape.

To accentuate this style, why not add a half-up topknot? Not only is this a super trendy look, but the top knot introduces height to your face, creating a more graceful silhouette. 

7. Long Hairstyles For Round Faces (back to index)

Gigi Hadid in her Hair Wrapped Ponytail

If you’re wondering what hair length looks best on round faces then the simple answer is LONG. Not only is it one of the best slimming haircuts for round faces, but it’s also ultra-versatile. There are LOADS of face lengthening styles you can fashion with long hair.

Our favourite is the high ponytail and Gigi Hadid is a round-faced babe who agrees. This is a sophisticated updo that works for a night out, whilst elegantly elongating your features. Why not pull out two long pieces of hair at the front of your face to frame and lengthen your face shape even more?

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8. Round Face Hairstyles For Thin Hair (back to index)

Chrissy Teigen looking glam in her ultra-glam swishy fringe

What are the most flattering haircuts for round faces and thin hair? 

Fine hair is actually a great texture of hair for round faces as it doesn’t add much extra width to the face – hurray!

But what if you want more volume without widening the face?

We get it. Fine hair lovelies usually crave a little more oomph. But this can clash with a rounder face. Soooo… whaddaya do?

Simply add a long fringe. 

Shouldn’t round faces avoid fringes though?

Some, yes. Avoid short, straight and blunt bangs and opt for long, layered or side fringes instead. The latter styles break up your face, adding the golden elixir of length and structure.

9. Hairstyles For Round Faces With Thick Hair (back to index)

Jennifer Lawrence in her thick beautiful hair

Most people would LOVE a bountiful bonce… but thick hair can add width to your face. The solution? Keep the length long and layers at a minimum. You don’t want to add any more movement and volume.

Thick hair is usually wavy, which again, can be tricky for a round face shape. Don’t reach for those straighteners just yet, however. Opt for 1940s-style glamour waves a la Emma Stone. These types of flowing waves are sleek and fluid, drawing the eye down the length of the hairstyle – beautiful. 

10. Hairstyles For Round Faces With Curly Hair (back to index)

 Amber Gill in her gorgeous curly locks.

Amber Gill in her gorgeous curly locks.

Many people wonder does straight or curly hair look better on round faces?

The simple answer is: straight hair generally looks best as curls can add width. 

But who wants to live a life without curls?


Maybe you’re a naturally curly Sue or perhaps you fancy flaunting a romantic curly ‘do for the night - as long as you follow the following rules, your round face and glorious curls will ROCK.


  • Keep the length as looong as possible
  • Wear in a centre or deep side parting
  • Keep curls glossy and tamed, rather than frizzy and wild
  • Add a half topknot or ponytail to add height to your face

Need celeb inspo? Long, curly-haired beauties Jordin Sparks and Jennifer Lawrence prove a wider face and flowing curls can look amazing.

11. Conclusion (back to index)

We hope our tips and recommendations have provided valuable insights into flattering hairstyles for round faces. At Cliphair, we understand the importance of finding hairstyles that complement your unique features and boost your confidence. We'd love to hear about your favourite hairstyles for round faces too! Share your go-to styles and experiences with us, and let's continue embracing beauty in all its diversity together. Explore Cliphair's collection today to discover premium hair extensions and accessories to enhance your hairstyle effortlessly.


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