When searching for Hair Extensions you will come across various weight choices, from 50 grams to 200 grams and often even more than that. Your own hair type and your desired length will determine how many grams you will need and this will also differ depending on the extension method. In today's blog, Cliphair is going to explain everything there is to know about hair extension weights including the difference between a full and half head, pack weights and before and after examples.

1. 50g Hair Extensions (back to index)

50g of hair is equivalent to a quarter head of extensions, this amount is typically used to add a small thickness boost or enhance hair up styles. Our individual Permanent Hair Extensions come in 50g packs (1g per strand) including Micro Rings, I-Tips and Nano Rings. It's very common for the sides of our hair to be thinner than the back of the head, a 50g pack can be used to fill out the side areas, this is commonly known as a side thickener service. You can also use 50g of extensions in the same length as the natural hair to add a volume boost, however it will not be enough to add length to the hair.

2. 50g Clip-In Hair Extensions (back to index)

Most Clip-In Hair Extensions tend to be over 50g however you can find One Pieces that are around this weight. They would be used purely to add some volume or enhance a hair up style, they will not be thick enough to add more length. At Cliphair we have a One Piece Top Up that weighs 40g, it's the perfect choice for thin/fine hair as it's lightweight and discreet.

3. 50g Hair Extensions before and after (back to index)

50g Hair Extensions before and after

As you can see in the before and after above, @ccluxehair has used 1 pack of Nano Rings (50g) to thicken up hair of the same length.

4. 100g Hair Extensions (back to index)

Half head human hair extensions usually consist of 100-150g of hair. A half head is great if you're adding thickness and 1-2 inches of length to medium to fine hair. If your hair is very thick and you would like to add more length you will need to consider a full head of hair which would be over 150g. Our Tape-In Hair Extensions come in packs of 40 with a combined weight of 100g, enough for a half head.

5. 100g Clip-In Hair Extensions (back to index)

Multi piece Clip-In extensions that have a weight of 100-150g are best for fine hair as they are lightweight and have small, easy to hide seams. Even though they are not suitable for adding lots of length they are the perfect choice to add a good amount of volume without damaging the natural hair. Our Classic Full Head weighs 130g and comes in over 50 shade variations and 3 different lengths.

6. 100g Hair Extensions before and after (back to index)

100g Hair Extensions before and after

In the before and after above, the talented @ineffable.cm used 100 grams of 18” Tape-In extensions to add thickness and a couple inches of length.

7. 150g Hair Extensions (back to index)

A full head set of Hair Extensions is between 150-200g. This should be enough hair to add both length and volume to medium to thick hair. For very thick hair you will need more than 200g, we would advise against having more than 280g of hair attached permanently as this would be very heavy on your hair. Most Clip-In full head sets will start from 150g going up into the 200s. At Cliphair our Seamless Clip-Ins, made from AAAAA grade double drawn hair is the perfect set to add length and volume.

8. 200g Hair Extensions and heavier (back to index)

For thick hair, if you want to add length you will need at least 200g of hair. This applies for all types of hair extensions as you will need a lot of hair to blend the line of your natural hair into your extensions. 200g of hair will usually be 4 packs of individual extensions like Micro-rings or Nanos and 2 packs of Tape-Ins.

For thin or fine hair, we wouldn't advise using more than 150g as this could cause damage to your own natural hair. To create length in fine hair you should not need more than this to achieve the look you're after. At Cliphair our Ultra-Volume Full Head is a whooping 240-300g, perfect for thick haired customers looking for that amazing transformation!

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9. 200g Hair Extensions Before and After (back to index)

200g Hair Extensions Before and After

In this transformation, @hairmameman used 2 Hair Wefts which weighed 240g in total to create this beautiful look.  

10. Half head extensions vs full head (back to index)

A half head of extensions is good for adding volume and thickness, this is mostly used on thin and fine hair. A half head is also good for targeting specific areas like the sides where the hair tends to break and become sparse. This consists of 50-100 grams of hair.

A full head of extensions is used to add both thickness and length and can be applied to any length of hair. A full head is needed when creating a big transformation like going from short to long, this consists of 150-200 grams and sometimes more if the hair is very thick. A half head would not be enough to blend out the transition line from the natural hair to the extensions.

11. Related Topics (back to index)

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