Bridesmaids, as the bride’s loyal and cheerful squad, matched the theme perfectly and had their own stand-out hairstyles to embrace their natural texture, hair colour and style. Brides Wear Cliphair wanted to honour homespun beauty and enhance natural simplicity and authenticity without overdoing things; therefore, our gorgeous bridesmaids wore their hair extensions to boost their own tresses with newly found length and thickness rather than going for a dramatic transformation.

Using Curly Hair Extensions in shade Medium Brown and Seamless Hair Extensions in shade Biscuit Blondey, Cliphair’s trusty stylists crafted two tailored hairstyles to work in perfect harmony with the natural hair of our models, featuring a curly braided do and glossy, relaxed beach waves. Let’s see together how.

Preparing the Hair

As seen on the Bride Hairstyle Guide, the first step for a healthy, luscious hairstyle is in prep. Our bridesmaids all had different hair textures, colours and type; the two looks we’re going to examine here start with the same step, and take on slightly different directions from there.

  • Use a heat protectant spray. This step is unskippable to obtain the best results, minimising frizz and damage from heat-based styling tools.
  • Proceed With Curling. If your client is naturally curly, use a corkscrew tong to curl any pieces of their natural hair that might appear more relaxed. Ensure that the curls match the extension's curl pattern, so they blend seamlessly together when you put them in; this step has to happen before applying curly hair extensions. If your client is looking to recreate beach waves instead, skip to the next step.
  • Attach The Hair Extensions. For curly-haired beauties, attaching hair extensions will happen once you’re done evening out the texture; to create the beautiful beach waves crafted on our blonde model instead, attach the hair extensions first and then proceed to style natural and added tresses together with a medium barrel curler.
  • Let the curls sit. Cooling down is an important step when creating waves and curls, as it allows the hair to adapt to and dissipate the heat, holding the desired shape for longer.
  • Brush out. If your client is getting beach waves, then you’ll need to open up the curls and gently brush it out to get that relaxed, laid-back soft wavy look. Finish with a gentle mist of lightweight hairspray to ensure maximum hold and performance.
  • Attaching the Extensions

    When attaching the extensions, apply them row by row from the neck upwards. Backcomb each row to help them hold safely and create volume; you can also add some texturising powder on the roots to put those clips on lock. You'll want to use a rat tail comb or paddle brush to smooth out any flyaways – this does not apply to curly hair extensions, of course.

    Adding A French Braid

    Our stylists wanted to create the illusion of a half-up, half-down hairstyle on gorgeous textured tresses, so what better way to do it if not with a French braid? If you want to add some glamour to your client’s look, try adding a small French braid on the top sides of their hair. 


    Achieving gorgeous hairstyles for bridesmaids has never been easier! Keeping the key-concept of embracing natural beauty and personal, authentic style in mind, we thought of these simple yet elegant hairstyles to recreate using our hair extensions. Curly clip in extensions and Seamless hair extensions have been used to elevate the chosen hairstyles with glamour – ready to create a look your clients will remember?

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