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Two romantic looks for a hot date night

It may be Monday so dates may not be on the calendar for today but there are only 9 days until valentine’s day. I know I have given you some valentines’ day inspiration but not enough. Yes, it is a commercialized day but who doesn’t like to be appreciated and made to feel special so make sure you get yourself a date. There are some essentials for date’s to be a success chocolate, great food and your fabulous hair extensions. Keep reading to be inspired by some step by step date-worthy hairstyles.

clip in hair extensions-knotted-half-up-style

The knotted half up style

First of all, we are going to focus on giving your hair body at the crown. Put your hair extensions in all over now so you can divide your hair in the right places. Separate your crown section into rows and tease the roots before your smooth over the top. Tie this section up with a clear hair tie tugging the parts above your hair tie for extra oomph. You want to start to incorporate the sections either side but to give it a little flare add some twists. Take an inch section next to your teased crown, twist it and pinch the twist to make it spaced out and lovely. Do the same on the opposite side then hold the ends of your two twisted sections together and put the ponytail over them. Crisscross your twists underneath your ponytail, bring them over the top again and create a knot over the elastic of the ponytail. Make sure you use pins to hold it in place. If you want to want to add more volume you can curl your ends. It looks incredible!

clip in hair extensions-braided-updo

The romantic braided updo

Start by putting your hair extensions in again because it makes it so much easier to separate and style your hair. Gather your crown section and secure with a clear hair tie. Loop the ponytail up and through to create a nice twist. Now separate a one-inch section near your right temple and twist it all the way down to the ends before you pinch it to give it more volume. Now drape your twist under your ponytail and around to your other temple. Tuck the ends underneath themselves and pin into place. Repeat on the left side, make sure that you drape the twist under the other one. Now your top bit is done let’s focus on the bottom by dividing it in two. Create dutch braids with each half (make sure you make them nice and straight) and secure with a clear hair tie. Make sure that you tug on the sections, it doesn’t matter if a few of the strands fall out you want a lovely textured look anyways. Take your right braid and take it over the left side of your head, pin your ends under your twists and repeat on the other side. Hairspray your locks then you are ready for your hot day.

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