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Steal Her Style – Taylor Swift

There was a strange new twist in the Katy Perry Vs Taylor Swift feud this week. Curiously, somebody claiming to be Perry tweeted a string of unexpected comments, including an affectionate plea directed at her former BFF. The two ladies have been involved in a very high profile spat for some time now, so it didn’t take long for Twitter users to get excited.

Sadly, it later turned out her account had been hacked. It looks like Katy Perry won’t be joining the Girl Squad anytime soon. She’s clearly not interested in putting that Bad Blood to rest. Okay, we’ll stop now. Seriously though, wouldn’t it be great if these two could just bury the hatchet and release some awesome music together?

While we’re waiting (and it could be a long time), let’s take a look at the delectable TayTay Swift and some of her finest hairstyle moments.

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The Country Girl

While she may be a squad leading, award totin’ pop badass now, Taylor Swift wasn’t always so effortlessly cool. When she burst onto the music scene in 2006, she was a country singer. She had catchy hooks and her third single ‘Our Song’ shot straight to the top of the charts, but her look was decidedly demure. This natural, beachy style is feminine and cute, without being over the top glam; perfect for a teen idol. If you want to steal this look, keep things simple. Brush your hair out gently in the morning and spritz it with sea salt or a medium hold hairspray.

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The Transformation Bob

As the fresh faced singer started to dominate the airwaves, her look began to change. She got rid of the wavy, low maintenance curls and went for the chop. This was the very first incarnation of what we now know as the TayTay bob. She hasn’t found that characteristic bottle blonde colour yet, but she still looks elegant and beautiful. This style is a great choice for anybody who wants to experiment with shorter hair, but isn’t quite ready to lop it all off and become a peroxide queen. With a long bob (or lob) of this length, it’s easy to switch back and forth between an edgier look and a more girly one; just add clip in hair extensions.

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The Badass Barbie

In 2014, Swift released the album that would cement her reputation as one of the finest female songwriters of her generation. It’s hard to believe that one album can contain so many great tunes, but 1989 defied all expectations. However, it also marked the beginning of criticism for the singer, particularly after her fight with Katy Perry and her decision to put together an ‘elitist’ Girl Squad. Luckily, the plucky star was too busy rocking a truly awesome honey blonde bob to care about any of that. All together now, ‘Haters gonna hate…’

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The Peroxide Blonde

As if to make it doubly clear that she’s not going to let the haters bring her down, Taylor recently unveiled her most punk haircut yet. This gorgeous ice blonde bob is very different from what we’re used to seeing from the singer, but it really accentuates those baby blues. It’s a strong look and one that needs to be worn with confidence and sass. Fortunately, the ‘Shake it Off’ chanteuse has plenty of both. And, as she’s just been named the youngest self-made female millionaire in America, she’s clearly got this fame thing down.

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