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Steal Her Style – Maisie Williams

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

With all of the new rumours flying around about Kit Harrington and the fate of his Game of Thrones character Jon Snow, it feels like the ladies of Westeros have been pushed to the wayside a little. Well, it’s time to bring one such lady firmly back into the spotlight, because Maisie Williams (or Arya Stark, as we have come to know her) will soon be appearing on one of the most popular British dramas of all time – Doctor Who.

Whilst the nature of her role is being kept under wraps, the writer of the show has been teasing fans with the promise that Maisie is set to give The Doctor a real run for his money – he had better hope she left Needle at home. At just 18, Williams has had a meteoric rise to fame over the last five years. It cannot be easy growing up in front of the whole world, but this starlet has always kept her cool and at ClipHair we love that she never looks anything less than fabulous!

In celebration of Maisie Williams, Arya Stark, and the undoubtedly fierce character that she’s set to unleash upon The Doctor, we’re going to take a look at some of her best hairstyles.

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The Taking a Break from Arya

If there is one thing the Game of Thrones cast loves to talk about, it’s their hair. We’ve heard Kit Harrington complain about having to keep his locks long and curly countless times and he isn’t the only one to have a gripe with styling on the show. As mini warrior Arya Stark wears her hair short and messy, both to foil enemies and keep her tresses out of her eyes when she sword fights (we imagine), so too does Maisie. She gets around the obligatory crop, however, by sporting hair extensions on the red carpet.

The Red Carpet Dream

You would not believe how well Arya Stark scrubs up for a red carpet bash. This hairstyle was clearly put together using some beautiful hair extensions, because Maisie is contractually obliged to keep her locks short. It’s a wonderfully natural look, with delicate curls and a rich chestnut sheen, so simple that anybody could replicate it. If you want to steal this low maintenance style, pick up a mid-length, 18 inch hair extension and tie just the ends up into loose coils – wear these to bed and wake up in the morning with a cool and tousled look.

The Low Maintenance Lob

This is another very simple style, but again, it frames her features and lengthens them rather than adding width across a very round head. The lob has been a classic style for a few years now and Maisie wears it well – the ever so slight twist curl and the asymmetric cut give it something a little special and lifts it from regular high street ‘do to Hollywood glamour. Plus, the gentle side sweep keeps the style looking contemporary and modern.

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images via www.pinterest.com

The Cute as Pie Up ‘Do

It’s another surprise to hear the word ‘cute’ mentioned in the same sentence as the name Maisie Williams – her Game of Thrones heroine is redefining what it means to be a woman on a hit TV show – but this girl really can whip out a stunning red carpet look when needed. She seems to prefer the simpler styles, which we commend her for, because they frame and complement her face without thickening it. If you have a very round head, like Maisie, it’s important to wear styles which lengthen, rather than widen, the face.

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