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Steal her style Khloe Kardashian

Khloe is one of the Kardashians that has arguably had the biggest transformation. It is speculated that she has, like the rest of her family, had a surgical transformation but she has also had a massive lifestyle transformation. Weight loss and a baby is a huge way of changing your like but she has still kept a positive attitude and her personal style signature. She loves dressing up and her blonde locks and likes to make them a big part of her outfits. Let’s check out some of her styles so we can steal them.


High class, high ponytail

One of the key defining traits of Khloe is her pride. You can see how proud she is to look the way she does and being doing what she does, through the pride you seen with how she wears her outfits. This white and gold outfit is no exception, she is rocking it like a boss. The golden hues in her hair work in really well with the belt to take it to the next level. She has been really smart in using the bright golden tone to wrap around her wavy ponytail, making her hairstyle look as expensive as her outfit. If you don’t have the right colour at that point in your hair why not use a hair extension to wrap around instead?



Khloe rocking the 80’s look

Khloe has rocked this textured for quite some time now and was one of the trendsetters which started a massive trend from last summer all the way to spring. If you have thick hair like Khloe does or want to give the illusion of thick hair, this style is great for you. It a super to blend both clip in and tape in hair extensions with and looks flawless in no time at all.  It works really well with chunky jewellery and a singlet top during the day but add a little mousse and some serum and it will glisten as beautifully as your necklace for the evening. With a style that can be achieved with and without heat, it is great to try on a holiday or a night out that you know will get a little bit wild.



Khole getting festival ready

bright colours and big earrings Khloe must be ready to hit a festival. Whether it is Coachella or a movie festival she adds some interest to an everyday half-up style with her pulled through ‘undone’ ponytail, waves and several strands of hair pulled loosely around her hairline to draw attention to her eyes and frame her face. What I love about this look is that she hasn’t tried to mute her golden hues but has instead celebrated them by contrasting her hair with other bright colours. So if you are thinking about going to a festival this year, look at this style. This bright pinks, blues and golds make this a fun look that will look fab in pictures too.


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