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Steal her style Kelly Brook

There is no denying that Kelly Brook is one of the most beautiful women that the UK has produced. She is bubbly and has natural curves that she is rightly proud of. She claims that pasta is what helps her looking so fab but I can tell you that no matter how much spaghetti I eat I will never look that great. We make be totally jealous of her but we also have to admit that we love her. So today we are going to show you some of her styles so you can get inspired and steal them yourselves.




Laid back beauty

When in the sunshine who says your hair has to be down? A relaxed vibe can definitely be created with beachy waves but it doesn’t always have to. In fact if you are looking to get a tan you probably don’t want to have your hair down causing you to have a tan line on your shoulders and neck. The casual messy bun is perfect for a laid-back beautiful vibe and will compliment any summer dress beautifully. Remember when your outfit has a design or a lot of detail go low key with your hair for the perfect match. Why not do what Kelly has done here and team it up with some oversized hoops you will look incredible.



Selfie worthy straight locks

If you have a sparkly dress and you face looking fab you don’t want to go over the top with your hair. This can make you go from classy to trashy in two seconds. Instead, take Kelly’s lead and go simple and classy. She has created the long mane with the help of her trusty hair extensions and opted for a centre part. This suits her draws attention to her fab eyebrows and wonderful contouring. The thing that turns from drab to fab is the different shades she has in her hair. If you have this already great, but if not then go for a shade lighter in your hair extensions and blend it through so your hair looks thicker and more interesting.



Classic waves

This is probably one of the styles Kelly is more well known for. Mid-length waves and liquid eyeliner is definitely her trademark look. She is the modern equivalent of a pin-up model is many ways so it makes sense she looks totally hot with this look. The key here us to make sure that your locks have a boost. The side part will help with some of this but you may also need to use dry shampoo or even tease your roots a little to give the roots that extra oomph. Her waves were originally large curls which it why her hair has such great shape and bounce. Remember to pin your curls whilst they dry to keep the shape for longer. This may sound redundant as you will be finger combing your curls into waves but the more shape your curls have the better flow your waves will have.

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