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Not Ready For The ‘Bad Bob?’ Here Is the Answer!

Authored By Cliphair Extensions


The classic bob has been doing the rounds, in contemporary fashion circles, for decades. The inimitable Victoria Beckham rocked this hairstyle for years, and it took her from unremarkable pop star to statesidestyle icon. In fact, our Vic might just be one of the most famous proponents of the bob on the planet, but she is not the only one. It has proved impossible to forget ‘the Rachel,’ a hairdo which is still copied by millions of women all around the world. This particular style, which was made famous by Jennifer Aniston, during her days on hit US sitcom Friends, was defined by its asymmetric cut, clean lines and consistent length. It was contemporary, angular and super cool – the problem is that fashion and its icons have now moved on. It is time to say goodbye to the classic bob, and usher in the age of the ‘bad bob.’ So, what is a bad bob? Well, it is the classic bob gone rogue, sexed up and brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The bad bob is Olivia Newton John, in Grease, after her transformation into a Lycra clad hell cat. It is big, bold and truly rock and roll – no more asymmetric lines, no more consistent cut. This hairstyle can be anything that you want it to be. If you are not quite ready for your own ‘bad bob’ transformation however, here are some cool alternatives.


The Emma Stone 


This choppy, textured bob is both versatile and modern. It feels much sexier than the classic bob, because it has that romantic, artfully messy look. There is no consistent cut – this ‘do is slightly shorter at the back than it is at the front and sides. This slightly uneven style works great for all face shapes and all hair textures, so you can make the Emma Stone look hot, no matter how unruly your locks may be. Whilst the Spiderman star wears signature side swept bangs with this look, it can be worn without a fringe or with longer bangs, which sweep down behind the ear.


The Jennifer Lawrence 




The American Hustle star might be having a pretty bad end to the year, but her hair never looks anything less than flawless. The style of bob worn by Jennifer Lawrence is similar to the Emma Stone, but it is shorter and a little more contemporary. It has less of a romantic, dreamy cut and more of a rock chick sort of vibe. Yet, the gentle waves at the front ensure that it never feels too edgy or harsh. If you want to steal this style, but you have quite thick hair, you may need to have the heaviness taken out a little, with a textured cut.


The Jourdan Dunn


The gorgeous ‘long bob’ sported by supermodel Jourdan Dunn is choppy, textured and chic. It is a much more relaxed style than the classic bob, and even the ‘do sported by Jennifer Lawrence, because it is on the longer side. It frames her slender face perfectly, and the highlighted tips lend it a casual beach bunny sort of vibe. This bob is ideal for girls who are not quite ready to go for the full chop, who maybe want to experiment with an in-between style first. Once again, this hairstyle can be worn with a relaxed fringe, but Jourdan just lets her locks gently frame her full lips and high cheekbones.


The Keira Knightley 




A successful bob always works with bone structure, never against it. This is why the hairstyle sported by Keira Knightley always looks so exquisite. She has a very strong jawline, so the graduated layers and slightly longer front are great for softening up her face and making the most out of her features. The ‘A-line bob,’ or ‘graduates bob’ is a good way to introduce movement to your locks – the angled back and sides mean that your hair will gently sweep and turn as you move your head. For girls with strong features, the Keira Knightley is a dream ‘do.


The Cameron Diaz 



The ever beautiful Cameron Diaz has always been fond of a bit of a bob. In fact, she rocked one of the most famous celebrity bobs of all time in the first Charlie’s Angels movie. Like Keira Knightley, she has very strong features, so this type of cut works really well for them. If you have a round face, it is best to let your bob end just above the chin – like Cameron. If you have a square face, however, you will look better with a cut that stops below the chin. If you want to make this bob look a little softer, add some face framing layers, to give the illusion of bangs.


It does not matter whether you decide to go for a classic bob or a bad one, because this style will never go out of fashion. However, these slightly longer options are a good idea if you are feeling nervous about getting the chop. They will allow you to play with the idea of having a bob, whilst still maintaining the illusion of length. The year of the asymmetric bob is now over, so all hail the age of the wonderfully bad bob. It is time to be brave, bold and beautiful – it is time to turn heads ladies.

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