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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

There has been some major drama on the set of Fast 8 this week. Two of the most laid back giants in Hollywood seem to have come to blows and we’re all pretty surprised about it actually. Yes, that’s right; Vin Diesel and big Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson have finally revealed that they don’t get on as well as their characters in the hit franchise.

The beef is an unexpected one, because the two have spent many years gaining reputations as the politest beefcakes on the silver screen. Now, Johnson has thrown down the gauntlet by insulting Vin during an interview and it looks like the gloves are off. Vin Diesel has promised to lift the lid on what has been a difficult shoot, fraught with constant tension, so the boys aren’t set to make up anytime soon either.

At least the follicular challenged stars can’t resort to throwing hair based jobs; they can’t have more than ten between them, right? To celebrate the arrival of the weekend, let’s take a closer look at some Instagram ladies who have definitely got their hair game on point.

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First Lady of the World

This long haired lovely has the steely glare and fine bone structure of a glamorous future leader; in a world where we’re all ruled by supermodel types, with tresses so perfect they make Kim Kardashian weep. The style is mostly straight, but it has a lot of shape and definition which is what makes it so attractive. That choppy, textured cut is structure giving, without being too harsh or rigid. The way it frames the face makes this evident. You can cheat your way to such an effect by attaching hair extensions at the halfway point on your head and then gently backcombing to lift and add volume.

Got to Fake It to Make It

Not everybody is hot for choppy bobs and fancy cuts though. Some of us just want long, healthy hair that won’t break or split during styling sessions. This can be tricky if you’ve spent many years using heat based styling tools or applying supermarket dye kits. If your hair is damaged, you might need to turn to clip in hair extensions as a way to introduce reliable, dependable volume while you wait for your natural hair to grow out and get stronger. Plus, if you learn how to apply them like a pro, nobody will ever be able to tell the difference.

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A Thoroughly Modern Bob

Check out the angles on this sassy lady. We love this angular bob, because it is bold and brave. Not many people would have the confidence to go for such a harsh cut, but it works because the colour is still fairly soft. The lighter blonde tones give it a richness and warmth that would be sorely lacking otherwise. This is the key to making unusual or very contemporary cuts work; you need to find that balance. Clip in hair extensions have revolutionised the way in which we approach styling, however, because the reality is that even haircuts gone wrong can now be disguised and corrected in a matter of minutes.

Confidence in Natural Curls

We all know that extremely curly locks – particularly Afro Caribbean hair – doesn’t really get a lot of attention from the media. Even black and mixed race singers, like Beyonce, rarely wear their locks without a weave or hairpiece of some kind. But, here at ClipHair, we think that tight, bouncy curls and ringlets are a style to be immensely proud of. They might be trickier to maintain, but there’s nothing more bold and dramatic than a lady who knows that natural can be just as gorgeous as straightened and relaxed tresses.

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