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#LongHairDontCare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

Right now, everybody is talking about Queen Bey. The Beyhive is still in a flurry of excitement following the release of Lemonade and the rest of the world can’t get enough of the Beyonce Vs Jay Z drama. There are rumours that hubby may be planning a comeback album, so the story is definitely not over yet.

As for the Queen herself, she seems to be loving the attention. She rocked up to the Met Gala, without Jay Z, this week, and she looked amazing. Her hair was sleek, chic, and almost buttock length, so you know that Bey loves her hair extensions as much as the rest of us.

She’s not the only one who’s been having a great hair week either, because Instagram is full of hot hair pics – let’s take a look at some of the best.

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Pretty in Pastels

This gloriously pretty pastel effect is a bit of a tricky one to create, but it’s worth the effort. You have to be willing to keep up with a lot of maintenance though, so don’t try it unless you’re mad about your hair. When wearing hair extensions, you can actually take them out and dye them individually, which is how you get these neat, separate bands of colour. It’s gorgeously feminine and you can mix up the tones in whatever way you like.

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Messy Bedhead

If multiple dye jobs seems like too much hard work, you can always embrace your inner lazy girl and take inspiration from this Instagram beauty. The look is a simple one, but it’s got that ‘on point’ appeal, so the trick is to make your styling efforts look completely effortless. Bring your hair (and your extensions, if you want extra length) up into a loose pony, with lots of volume in the front. Use your fingers to free those artfully messy strands and amp up the bedhead vibe.

Romantic Braids

We love this loose and relaxed approach to the French braid. It stretches across the back of the head, in a kind of crown, which is quite common. However, it’s a little bit different, because the braids are (very delicately) interwoven with the unbraided sections. And, the ends have been left curled, but loose as well. This gives the whole style a really romantic and dreamy vibe. It’s the kind of hairstyle you’d see on a Disney princess, so it’s ideal for a summer wedding or a garden party. If you need more length, simply use a quad weft hair extension, which is quick and easy to apply and looks seamless.

The Nineties Bob

We’re seeing a lot of edgy, nineties style bobs cropping up again. You know the ones; they were mostly recently brought back by female rock singers like Beth Ditto and Karen O, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Yet, they were a big hit with even older bands like Sonic Youth and the Pixies at one time (ask your Dad!). So, this slightly angular, one length, bob has a real punk rock appeal. It’s simple, classic, and makes a statement without being brash or over the top. If it sounds like the style for you, pair it with oversized sunnies and a grunge T-shirt, a la Winona Ryder.

The Double Drop

Braids are everywhere this spring; even the Mother of Dragons is still rocking this style on Game of Thrones. There’s nothing quite as cute and ravishing, however, as the double braid. Yes, it takes twice the effort and fiddly fingerwork, but it looks twice as lovely. All you have to do is braid your own hair (and any extensions you want to wear) into two, fairly fat, side braids. The central parting that runs between them needs to be very straight, so you might need a friend to help you get started.

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