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#Longhairdontcare – The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

With the rumours about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddlestone now taking a more bizarre angle, it certainly has been an interesting week in celeb-land. We’re not sure what the deal is, to be honest. Are the loved up couple faking it? Is this all some kind of weird stunt for a music video? Whatever the truth turns out to be, it’s pretty strange that Hiddlestone has gone from serious actor to a man who wears ‘I Love Taylor Swift’ t-shirts in public.

It all smells a little bit fishy and the world is starting to ask questions. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time until we find out what awful secret T-Swizzle is using to make the actor behave so oddly. She’s got to be blackmailing him, right? Otherwise, he may have gone completely mad. There are whispers that the Avengers star now has a tattoo to match his t-shirt, but we’ll believe it when we see it – the cringe factor would be too awful to imagine.

Luckily, our Instagram girls have a lot more style and there have been plenty of great ‘dos to choose from this week.

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Rapunzel in the Big City

Sometimes, there’s no better way to show off your tresses than to let them speak for themselves. What a bold look this next one is, but it works because the hair is healthy and shiny. While such long locks won’t be for everybody, lots of girls have dreamed about growing their hair in this dramatic fashion. The good news is that you can easily try it out, without commitment, by investing in some super long hair extensions. Just make sure to brush them out beforehand, so that you’re left with soft and glossy lengths.

High Fashion Ponytail

This quirky supermodel-esque pony is a modern twist on a classic style. It works by skilfully combining the ends of the ponytail with a carefully sideswept fringe. Prepare your hairspray, because you’ll need it for that excellent level of body and hold. If you have longer hair or wear clip in hair extensions, you can still make this one work for you by winding some of the length around the steam of the pony. It will give you the height needed to create that sweeping, waterfall effect. This is a great hairstyle for fancy fashion parties and hipster gatherings in the coolest bars in town.

Deep Red and Rose Tones

For example, check out this unbelievable combination of pink, red, and rose tones. This dye job is extremely delicate, so it would be very hard to recreate it at home, but you could make a tentative start by using just two different shades. They need to transition, from light to dark, with the ends being a really soft light colour. The style is so beautiful that we don’t think it needs any extras, but you can try adding a Dutch braid, as has been done here. Begin with two braids – one on each side of your head – and work around until they meet in the middle.

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Classic Wedding Bun

As soon as the summer rolls around, everybody starts getting married. It’s not unusual for most ladies to have a couple or more weddings to attend in this season and a beautiful ‘do is needed for each one. Luckily, wedding styles tend to focus on classic, simple techniques and effects. For instance, this low bun is a really simple style, with a few skilful adjustments and tweaks. The hair at the back has been wound around the bun to create a ‘framed’ effect. Also, a chunky section of hair at the front has been side swept and styled as a fringe.

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