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Get that look: the romantic up-do

If you have Netflix and love gossiping about the latest shows to come out as much as I do you are going to love this tutorial. There is no doubt that period dramas have made a massive come back and we love watching shows like The Tudors, Downton Abbey and even historically inspired Game of Thrones. This type of show is constantly on the trending section of Netflix and we know why. The fashion, of course! Anne Bolyn or Jane Bennet would be nothing without the beauty of old worldly fashion and beauty charm. It is amazing how we still use these styles as inspiration today, especially when the annual summer resurgence of the romanic look becomes popular. Whether you want to look amazing for a rooftop party or be inspired for a wedding do keep reading to find out how to create your own romantic up-do.




Prepare and separate

The brilliant thing about this look is that it is really low key, basically make sure your hair is thoroughly brushed. If you are washing your hair beforehand make sure that it is dry as you will be curling a lot and it is so much harder if your hair is overly wet. You need a few items for this look so make sure your have toilet paper, straightener or curlers, loads of pins and your extensions at hand before you start. There are loads of separations in this look so we will make it easy and put them all together for you. Firstly you need to divide a one centimetre section of hair, closest to your face, all the way around your head and secure them in mini ponytails about an inch wide. This looks like a really odd halo, I know, but these will be the mini curls that make this look romantic. Next create a centre parting and    divide off the front three inches at the front. Instead of securing these parts put the rest of your hair into a bun, we will be focusing on the front first.






Make your halo of curls.

Now we have a funny halo it is time to make it look even funnier. Remember how I said make sure your have toilet paper, I wasn’t joking. We are going to create mini curls so you will, in essence, be using the torn of pieces of toilet paper like mini hair donuts. Start at the tip of your halo sections and roll inwards. Grab your straighteners (on a low heat) and apply to the section for a few seconds before pinning them to curl and set.




The braided fringe

Now you have your mini curls cooling in place it is time to work on that middle three inch section. This bit really makes the hairstyle and it is this detail that will turn heads. Each side of your centre parting will become a french braid. The trick is to braid it in a backwards motion so we can later blend it with you do.





Bun and finished

The final section t focus on is the back part. Sweep it into a high ponytail and curl the ends. Once you are beautifully curled create a honey bun, leaving the curls free. You want to ping your curls around and on your bun to give it that period feel. to finish drape your braids on top of your bun and undo your mini curl. You are done, enjoy your glamorous up-do.


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