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Get that look: the half up- half down boho twist crown

Often having waves locks can be such a joy, it gives your hair extra body and ultimately make you look more interesting. There are days, however, when wavey hair can’t feel like torture- particularly when each strand seems to be radiating away from the other and the front sections just won’t sit right. We, at Cliphair, understand your pain and have looked into styles that don’t involve just pinning your waves down, we think we have found a good one. Say goodbye to messy tressles and try a boho half up half down crown that with have your ruling your hair and looking amazing!




Add your layers

The finished affect of this style is that it clean and decorative at the front and beautifully flowing underneath. The length and beautiful flowing appearance is no problem if you have layered naturally thick hair (lucky you). For us mere mortals adding some clip in extensions near the nape of your neck is a brilliant way to add length and thickness.




Divide and conquer

This hairstyle is focused largely on the upper half of your head so we don’t want to make all our hard work look dull because of flat hair on the bottom half. If teasing the roots doesn’t work because your hair is too heavy chuck in some clip in extension, your secret weapon for ‘effortless’ beauty. Use your fishtail comb to create a subtle side part. Now take a 3 inch section of hair on your smaller half. Separate it so that it is in a triangular shape and part it into half.


Braid your way.

Now is the time that you have a couple of choices. The easiest way to create this braid is by forming  a french braid and Adding a new section of hair to the front piece and a new section of hair to the back piece you can then twist the parts together with the front piece and go over the back piece. However if you feel confident with a dutch braid you can start to create that instead. Continue your braid in a downwards diagonal direction until you reach behind your ear. At this point stop adding in new sections of hair and just twist the two sections (like a twist braid) until you reach the end of your hair and secure with a clear elastic hair tie. Repeat on the other side, it may be a bit thicker as this will be the bigger side.





Blend for perfection
This is the slightly trickier bit so extra attention needed. push your thumb and index finger through one of the gaps of your left twist and pull your right twist through the gap.this is how you get the gorgeous interwoven effect. To complete this style secure your braids with hair pins and remove the clear hair ties. Scrunch up the ends of your hair with alcohol free mousse and your are all done. For the extra effort touch you and pre-tie a ribbon into a bow on your final hair pin. Nothing says enviable hair like stunning details.


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