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Get that look: Lilly Collins Golden Globes updo

The post awards hilarity continues as we see stars rally together and admire each other’s outfits and actions on awards night. No one was more on trend than the gorgeous Lilly Collins. The nominated actress looked like something out of a fairytale in her princess like embellished pink gown. Her hair however is what everyone is talking about! She has gotten ahead of the game with the 2017 hot ‘romantic’ trend and she pulled it off brilliantly. Top knot meats gorgeous interlaced braid equaled style perfection for a girl that was nominated for Rules Don’t Apply she seems to been setting the celebrity fashion rules for the year. Let’s check out this look so we can do it ourselves.

Lily-Collins-Hair-Makeup-2017-Golden-Globes (3)


Hair master Gregory Russell outdid himself with this master piece but it is simpler than it looks. He didn’t want something too perfect stating, “I didn’t want it to become something that was too done and prom-y,” so ruffled glamour is our aim. First you need to prep your hair by making sure it has enough bulk and texture. Like the best updos this style works best with second day hair so put that shampoo away and grab your mousse instead. Scrunch it into your roots for extra volume and blow dry to set. More most of us that isn’t enough oomph for this celebrity look (and we don’t have a hairstylist spending hours teasing our locks) so adding some clip in hair extensions is the way to go.


Romantic curls

This is not a look that you can do on the bus as the next look involves curling. The romantic trend involves so much curling to get that ethereal look. Loosely create a deep part and focus your curling on the Mohawk area to create big soft curls in the lower third of your hair. If you are tight for time trying putting your hair into a ponytail before curling. The big tip is to let put in some rollers whilst your curls cool, it helps them stay a lot longer. Leave a few curls out for braiding and pin the rest together tightly to create a romantic messy top knot bun.


Fishtail to finish

Gregory wanted to offset Lilly’s princess dress by making this finishing touch modern and have two fishtail braids wrapped around the top knot. If your hair is straight cut you may need to add extensions to ensure it can wrap around the bun. To create your fishtails take one of your curls you left out of the bun and separate it into two. Then divide a few strands from the outside of your right section and cross it over to meet the inside of the left section. Repeat with a few strands from your left section. As you continue this to the end of your hair ensure that you keep your braid tight so won’t fall out. We are looking for messy not disastrous. Repeat with the other, unbraided, curl. Now that you have you pin your braids in place. You could create a crisscross effect or wrap one around the outside of the bun. The great thing is you can secure your braids under the bun and no-one will be able to see the ends. Tug the braids gently for extra texture, spray with an alcohol free hairspray and you are ready to be adored.


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