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Get that look: the crimped updo

Authored By Aida Huget

From Manish Arora to Gucci we saw crimping starting to infiltrate our catwalks in 2016, well this year it is exploding. With everyone wanting volume with a twist there is no surprise this look is so hot right now. It isn’t just us that are whacking the crimpers out right now, celebs like Gemma Ward and Scarlett Johansson are also loving this look. So let’s check out a look from the mega trend style so we can do it ourselves.


Steam up those crimpers

A crimped do is all about going a little more adventurous and showing off your hair in a different way. If you have naturally thick hair you are half way there if you don’t, don’t stress, just add some clip in extensions. For this look we want relatively tight crimps. If you want them to be more obvious simply hold your crimpers for a longer time.


Section and braid

If you love french braids you are in your element! Section off the middle third of your hair and tease it gently at the routes. Within that middle third section it into 3 smaller pieces again. Cross them over each other working outwards to inwards. Stop when you get the nape of your neck and secure.


From head to tail

The final touch is simple but makes this look complete. Get a strand from the back of your secured ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie the secure it with hair pin. Nothing looks worse than a clashing hair tie! If you want your tail to look a little more dramatic for a night out, tease it a little. Teasing + crimping= the perfect 80’s throwback style.


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