Cute styles that are perfect for the gym

I don’t know about you but I am trying really hard to work out and be good at the moment. I know a lot of you are as well and it makes sense. Now is the perfect time to get in shape, there are festivals happening all over the world and so many of us are hitting exotic locations for a fun holiday. This means lots of cool outfits, hair extensions and pictures. Workouts should not make you feel totally unattractive though. Yes, you probably will sweat to get the body you want but that shouldn’t mean you look awful, if you do, chances are you are sporting the wrong hairstyle. The hairstyles I am going to share with you today are great to active workouts and you can add hair extensions to any of them if you want to boost your hair and confidence in the gym.



Opt for the pigtails

pigtails are awesome but if you wear them as just as ponytails there is a good chance they will get in your face whilst you are going for a run. That is hopeless and will make you look and feel ridiculous. This doesn’t have to be the case though and this awesome Instagram pic proves it. Firstly, start by either creating a shallow side or centre part from your hairline to your crown. If you don’t already have hair extensions input them in closer to the nape of your neck now.  Take a two-inch section about an inch back from your hairline and divide it in three.  Fold the outer sections over the middle one, one by one to create a braid. Add some strands and continue until you reach the nape of your neck and secure with a clear elastic hair tie. This is important; make sure that the end of your braid isn’t directly behind your ear. By leaving a gap it will help you control the movement of the pigtail. Repeat on the other side, brush your pigtails and you are finished and ready to hit the gym.



Braided ponytail

Braids once again rule workout hairstyles. As you can see this Pinterest pic is based on a ponytail but it is more dramatic and the braids on the top are not just for decoration but also for scalp ventilation. Separate your hair on top of your ears and tie the top half out of the way for now. Your hair extensions would look the best on the bottom half of your hair, just make sure that you are pacing them so they will lie flat in the ponytail. Release the top half and divide it into four equal sections. These will be your braids. Take one of these sections and divide it in three, you will create a braid like you did in the previous style and secure when you get to the back of your crown. Repeat with the other three braids and gather them at the back of your crown, including the bottom section and tie in a ponytail. To complete the look just add a ribbon.



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