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Bryce at the BAFTAS

Continuing our top looks of the British Academy of Film & Television Arts otherwise known as BAFTA awards we are having a look at one of our most beautiful redheads, Bryce Dallas Howard. She definitely looked like a five pointer, unlike her Black Mirror  character she is not getting marked down for looking anything less than perfect when there is a big occasion. She absolutely rocked her top knot and matched sophistication and cuteness together in equal measure. If you thought top knots were just for Shorditch boys and pre-teen instagram lovers this year, think again. This style is not going anywhere, especially if you have a fringe and a smile like Bryce’s.




Upside down easy-peasy

From on the off duty models like Hadid and Actresses like the fabulous Bryce Dallas Howard top knots are famous for their easy to put together and how low maintanance they are. Even if you are not Bryce or Kendall who doesn’t love an excuse to make to make slept-in and not washed style look good. The easiest way to style is upside down so flip your hair forward. If you are wanting a little more oomph and are into your clip-in extensions, put them in upside down again. Gather your hair on top of your crown.




Fun with the ponies

Once your hair is gathered on your crown brush any bumps out of the top and secure your ponytail with a clear hair tie. Divide your hair in two create a twist braid by twisting each half around the other in a clockwise direction. Usually you do not need to do this for a simple top knot but if you want to knock the socks off your friends and crushes then the extra touch will do a long way.  After the twist braid is complete curl it round and secure to your head with hair pins. Don’t be afraid to use a few pins. They are key to this look’s long hold and feeling good.




The fringe benefits

Once you have your top knot sorted it is time to loosen strands to frame your face and add that sexy fringe. If you have a fringe fantastic pop in some hair serum, brush and style to perfection. If however you have long layers and no fringe, no need to fret. Let’s cheat it! Clip in your fringe extensions underneath your twisted top know to hide the lining and style the way you like it. If you feel like the fringe is too heavy for your face use your comb to separate the top layer of your fringe. This is the other benefit of clipping underneath your bun. You are able to pin this top layer to incorporate it into your bun and no-one will be the wiser. Then straighten and comb the rest of your fringe to your pleasure. Of course, as with any awesome up-do, spritz with some alcohol free hair spray for extra hold and put a few more hair pins in your handbag just in case. No-one wants to feel like they are unraveling whilst strutting like they are on the runway.


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