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Bohemian double braid tutorial


Bohemian has been a buzz word the last few years. We have been seeing bohemian everything turning bohemian from weekend breaks to weddings. The look I want to show you today is perfect for that on the go style. If we are talking about bohemian style, we have to talk about the mess. This is not the kind of mess that you got told off for having in your bedroom but a ‘just off perfect’ mess. Getting this right is key to making this style an eye-catching hit. So, without further introduction let’s get started on out step-by-step bohemian double braid tutorial.


I love working with second-day hair it might have a little product in it but it also has some of your hair’s natural oils so your hair isn’t too dry. Please make sure that you haven’t got lots of serum in your hair. It makes it harder to braid with and tease properly and get the look you want. So to start to make sure you are happy with your roots. If you add dry shampoo, it goes without saying, do so before you brush your locks.


Add your extensions

Hair Extensions are the perfect way to turn what could be an ordinary style into something. The added thickness makes the shapes of the style bloom. I also love that this style is also great to work with different tones and shades, I have found that this look is a great look with ombre extensions.


Separate your sections

This is super quick to do, just create a centre parting (use a fishtail comb to make sure that it is dead centre) and separate the strands you want to leave out to frame your face. Add a little mousse or other product to keep these strands together and sleek.


Create your braids

The braids you are going to be working with for this look are fishtail braids. They may be more time consuming than other braids but they hold their shape longer and look incredible. To create this braid I started with my right side of my hair. Divide it in half make sure your parts are equal so you have an even braid. The braid looks essentially like crosses all the way down. To create these crosses take a small section from the outside of the left half and place it inside the right half before pulling it tightly. Repeat in the opposite direction and you will have formed your first cross. Continue this down the length of your hair and repeat on the other half of your hair.


Finish the look

Now that you have your braids it is time to make them much more bohemian. To do this you need to tug on each cross you have created and don’t be shy. Unlike with most looks, it isn’t just a tiny pinch. You want to give your braids that XXL dishevelled look. You can either have the strands you left our straight or give them a little wave to finish the look.


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