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Angel wing hairstyle tutorial


Angel hair is something you don’t see every day. I came across this style on youtube and I totally love it. We have all heard of Victoria Secret’s Angels but this is a very different type of angel look. This is beautiful and actually replicate angel wings, perfect for holiday pics. Half up styles are more and more popular as the weather warms up and this is the best half up style I have seen in a long time. If you want to have this gorgeous angel wing hairstyle keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair to show off your look.


Step number 1: preparation

To prepare for this look you need long locks and interesting texture. Brush your hair and add your Cliphair extensions from your ears down, this will help you gain body and length. Once these are blended add some heat protecting serum to your hair.

Step number 2: turn up the heat

Now that you have prepared your locks it is time to turn up the heat. Separate your hair into two-inch sections then straighten your locks. So that this doesn’t get too flat, tease your roots a little after your straighten. Once your hair has cooled you are going to lightly crimp your hair. This will give your hair a little bit of texture without taking the attention away from the design of the wings.

Step number 3: create the shape

This look is incredibly beautiful. It isn’t hard to create but it does have a few stages. Before you get into that create a centre part, to begin with. now separate the top section of hair from part to temple on each side of your part. Gather these two sections of hair together at the back of your head and secure with a thin hair tie. Make sure the areas before hair tie (ie. not the end of the ponytail) are fanned out. This is so they will look like wings later.

Next, take a small section from the left of your hair tie and drape it over the hair tie from left to right, then lift it up under the two sections and loop to so it goes down and inside the section that was wrapped initially. It will almost be like a backwards number 4. Repeat this from a section of hair from the right side of your ponytail. Secure this part with a hair tie so wrapped section will conceal the hair tie.

Now take a 2-inch section from in front of your ear on the left side. Split the half that is pulled back in half and thread the section you just divided through it. Do this with a few more small sections around your ear so it looks like a waterfall twist braid heading to your middle design. Repeat on the right side then add pins under the section closest to your middle design to hold it in place. Add some hairspray and you have finished!


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