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Wear Your Hair Like Emma Roberts

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

It looks like actress Emma Roberts has found her niche. She was electrifying as spoilt sorority girl Madison Montgomery, in American Horror Story Coven, and now she’s back on the horror scene in Scream Queens. If you’re a diehard fan of the genre, you might also remember her turn as Jill in Scream 4 way back in 2011. So, apart from being devilishly handsome, we also know that she can really sink her teeth into those dramatic roles.

It should come as no surprise though because Emma comes from talented stock. Her dad is Suits star Eric Roberts and her aunt is – yes, you guessed it – no other than Julia Roberts herself. This year, she’s set to appear in the Billionaire Boys Club, with supermodel Suki Waterhouse. It’s a remake of an eighties classic and it’s going to be glamorous, action packed, and lots of fun.

While there’s no word yet on whether she’ll pop up in the next series of American Horror Story (fingers crossed), Miss Roberts will surely top best dressed and best hair lists for 2016. So, we’re going to show you how to steal some styling tips and tricks from this star.

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The Scream Queen

As Chanel Oberlin in black comedy Scream Queens, Roberts always looks superb. She’s got that ice cold sorority princess vibe down perfectly, that’s for sure. Here, she channels her inner Regina George with a flawless, feminine down ‘do. If you want to be a scream queen, it’s got to be long, loose, and preferably blonde. So, use the upcoming season of the show as an excuse to go crazy with the hair dye. Or, for a subtler look, pick up some highlighted clip in hair extensions and experiment with platinum, honey, or vanilla blonde hair extensions tones. Top of the ensemble with a sports jacket and head out to a wild house party.

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The Braided Babe

At the 2016 Met Ball, Emma Roberts wowed in a purple feathered cocktail dress and intricate, swirled braids. This is a fiddly ‘braid and pin’ job, so if you want to steal it, you will either need to get some friends to help or practice until you can get the moves right independently. The braids themselves are pretty simple; Dutch or French will do. The tricky part is winding them up and into your crown, pinwheel style, where they can be secured. It is up to you whether you pin your braids in Princess Leia like buns or go for a more spread out look like Emma has.

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The Bob of the Year

This is one of our favourite styles from the Empire State actress. It appeared around the same time that a whole heap of celebrities decided to go for the chop. So, it can hardly be called original, but it is rather lovely. Roberts has quite delicate features, which means that this choppy textured bob adds some much needed edge to her look. Rather than being classically ‘pretty,’ it is modern and interesting. The length is important too, because again, it adds volume and presence to that teensy little face of hers. We love the blend of subtle highlights too; they make sure that her hair has a warmth and richness.

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The Classic Sidesweep

This is a simple style, but there’s nothing wrong with letting the health and length of hair speak for itself. The actress comes across as very young and demure here, as her signature sidesweep is more schoolgirl than sex siren. To create this asymmetric look, make sure that your hair extensions are thoroughly blended with your natural hair. If they need washing beforehand, you can dry them quickly with heat, but it is best to use a protective spray as well. When dry, gently brush out those undulating waves and casually sweep them to one side.

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