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The Best Halloween Costume Ideas

The spookiest day of the year is almost upon us, and it is time to start thinking about the perfect look. It might not be a conventional display of your regular style skills, but there is still ample room to impress with a rocking hairdo and immaculate makeup on Halloween.

It is easily one of the most fun days of the year, so do not hesitate to get the face paints out and create yourself something weird and wonderful!

Why not take some inspiration from the stars? You only need to look at supermodel Heidi Klum to know that even the most beautiful women in the world are not afraid to ugly it up from time to time. It might be wet look locks, a perfect skeleton face or even a spitting image Carrie replica – complete with fake blood and wild eyes – but whatever you decide to do, make sure that you stand tall and rock it like the diva you are. This is a ClipHair guide to the best Halloween dress up ideas.

Dragging These Bones Around – if you want to be guaranteed to turn heads this year, think about extending your face makeup. This works particularly well if you are planning to wear a strappy, or strapless, dress on Halloween. It takes just a couple of extra minutes to extend a well-crafted skeleton face across the neck and collarbones.

Give The Wine Stained Lip A Try – for a subtly gothic look, pick up a lipstick in a suitably dark shade. If you are in doubt, go for one which matches your favourite blend of red wine – the darker, the better. It is Halloween remember, so if you do end up with lipstick stains or creases, leave them to add to the authenticity of your look.

wild eyes skeleton face wild eyes2

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Experimenting With Colour– black is not the only suitably spooky eye colour for Halloween parties and nights out. You could always mix it up and try red, purple, brown or even a pale pink. This latter shade sounds a little cutesy, but if paired with a super pale face, it creates a curiously fleshy look.
Rocking The Wet Look Locks – the slicked back, wet hair look is actually rather huge on the catwalks this season. It also lends itself extremely well to a Halloween outfit, without being too scary or unruly. If you have fairly short hair, you might want to grab an 18 or 20 inch clip in extension before you try this style.
smoky eye spooky look black lipstic

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Trying A Smoky Eye On For Size – you simply cannot beat a classic smoky eye for Halloween. It is easy to achieve too, you just have to get the right steps in the right order. First, outline your lids with a black eye pencil, which should then be gently smudged using a finger or blending brush. You will need to use a combination of a lighter and a darker colour, for a subtly blended smoky effect.

Get That Black Lippy Out – Halloween is a really fun time, because it means that style conscious ladies can get away with experimenting with all kinds of different things. If you have a jet black lippy hiding at the bottom of your cosmetics bag, get it out and experiment with a truly spooky look. If black is a little too dramatic, switch it up for a deep purple.

Flutter Those Eyelashes – this year, make your Halloween outfit pop with a pair of super glamorous fake eyelashes. The bigger and longer, the better – you can get away with almost anything at a Halloween party. If you have always wanted to try the most out and out diva lashes in the shop, this is your chance.

We want to see your Halloween looks on the night – post them to our Facebook, or our Twitter and show everyone how you rocked it!

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