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How to create a luscious loop braid

Loop braids are not seen everywhere but I don’t understand why. Maybe it is because aren’t sure if they should wear it to something fancy or casual or maybe because it will look difficult to achieve, I don’t know. This style looks fierce and is incredible both by itself and with accessories. If you want to make a basic outfit look instantly incredible, this is the one to try. To get your own luscious loop braid keep reading this step by step tutorial.



To wash or not to wash

I am usually not a big fan of dealing with damp hair but this style is an exception. If you have just washed your hair or extensions this style is great to turn a boring haircare event like washing into a stunning style preparation step. This style will be impossible to create with tangled locks so make sure you brush your hair thoroughly and spritz your hair with hairspray, it will make it easier to hold later. Gather your hair into a low ponytail and tie it with a clear hair tie. Wrap a few strands of hair around the hair tie to conceal it.



Creating your braiding

Despite how fancy this braid looks it is actually based on the same model as a three strand braid so divide your ponytail into three equal sections. Cross the left section over the middle section the, repeat with the right. You now have the first row of your braid. Before you begin another row separate a few strands from the right section and keep it out of the braid for now. Do the same on the left side and create another row of your braid. Once again separating strands from the left and right sides you want to create another row but this time add the first strands you took out, near the first row of your loop braid. By adding these smaller strands in, missing a row each time, you are creating your loops. Continue this process until you get to the end of your hair and, before you secure it, tug on the small strands you interwove to feather them.



Finishing touches

There are a couple of things you can to complete your look and it really depends on your preference and where you with wear it. You could tie the end of your hair into a knot and put a pin on the back to stop it moving. This will conceal the hair tie and keep it a little bit more casual. Another finishing touch that I really like is to loop the ends of your ponytail and pin them underneath the base. This gives it a more high class and an edgy vibe that is perfect for wearing with a cocktail dress on a Saturday night out. Whatever you decide to go with making sure that you add one final spray of hairspray to your loop braid before you walk out of the door.




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