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How to get rid of dry hair

Authored By Katie O' Connor

I know this can be a frustrating issue, you know your hair needs to be clean but when it is your hair becomes brittle and dry. Dry hair can be problematic making you itchy and your hair frizzy which is frustrating and spend too much money on products. Are you looking for some tips to get rid of your dry hair? Look no further let’s get to the root of the dry hair and how to get rid of it.

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Why is your hair dry?

To get to the heart of the problem you have to understand why it is happening in the first place. Dry hair still has some oil, which is a relief, otherwise, your hair would have completely broken. Your issue is not actually with the hairs themselves but with a gland at the root of your hairs call the sebaceous glands aka your oil creators. One of the reasons that your hair is dry is that thee glads may be under-active. Don’t despair. There are ways to help.

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How you wash

You have been washing all your life so it sounds mental to say you might be doing it wrong. Sorry guys! One of the things I want you to think about is how many times a week you wash your hair? This could be a major contributing factor to why your hair is so dry. Adding shampoo and conditioner to your hair and scalp doesn’t just clean it, it actually strips the oils away. Even if you had oily hair you wouldn’t want to do this too often because it confuses your glands and they don’t produce a steady amount of oil which your hair needs to look healthy. You want to essentially train your hair and get it use to producing a good amount of oil. This may take a couple of weeks for it to get used to but I would suggest your hair once or twice maximum per week to stop your hair being so dry. I have dry hair and something I do is limit the amount of shampoo towards the centre and ends of my hair. This is my dry section so it is where I focus my conditioning as well.

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Watch what put on your hair

Hairspray and a hairdryer may be some girl’s best friend but if you have dry hair it is not yours. So many sprays and even shampoos and conditioners have chemicals that caused your hair to dry out. If you see Sulphate or SLS on any of your products through them out! This makes your hair super weak. Alcohol is another one that is not your friend so opt for alcohol-free hairspray. What you will want to invest in is hair serum. This will help you smooth over your fly aways and re-nourish your locks.

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Be healthy

This is not to do with products or how you do something but general health. Opt for healthy fats with nuts, coconut and avocado to help your hair become healthy and stronger.

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