Highlighted or mixed shade hair extensions are one of the most popular colour varieties that you can find. Many people prefer to have a blend of tones and colours in their hair rather than one block shade as it tends to have a more natural finish and is less upkeep. You can find assortments of 2 or 3 different shades in highlighted clip in hair extensions which also tend to be easier to match with tricky hair colours. Here at Cliphair we have over 17 highlighted hair extensions combinations that range from brown hair with blonde highlights, very dark brunette mixes, and extra light ashy blonde combinations.

Colour Terminology Buster

Quite often in the hair and beauty industry technical language is used to describe products and shades. This is all well and good if you are trained to understand these words but for the everyday extension wearer it can be quite confusing! We’ve simplified some common colour terminology below to help you understand our descriptions, this could also help you when explaining to your stylist how you want your colour to look. 

  • Undertones - Subtle tones underneath the hair surface that influence the overall colour.
  • Warm - Gold/Red undertones.
  • Golden - Yellow/Orange undertones.
  • Brassy - When the hair is too yellow or orange.
  • Ashy - Cooler/grey/silver undertones.
  • Highlights - A dying technique that adds lighter streaks to the hair in many different formats. Sometimes in foils, freehand painted or through a cap, does not touch the scalp which is what gives a more natural finish and less harsh regrowth.
  • Lowlights - A dying technique that adds darker streaks to the hair in different formats. Sometimes in foils, freehand painted or pulled through a cap. 

Biscuit Blondey (#18/613) (back to index)

#18/613 Blonde/Brown Mix

An eye-catching combination of our cookie-like lightest brown (#18) mixed with Bleach Blonde (#613) to create a gorgeous, ashy mixed shade. It's no wonder this shade is our top seller in mixed colours! It fits almost all medium blonde highlights due to its natural colour combination. It can be used to match hair of the same colour or even added to dark blonde hair for natural-looking highlights.

You can find this colour in every single one of our hair extensions products which includes all the professional items and all our clip-in hair extensions.

BlondeMe (#60/SS) (back to index)

#60/SS BlondeMe

A dazzling blend of our silver sand and lightest blonde (#60) creates a stunning Icy blonde mix shade. This shade is unique to Cliphair and one of our most popular colours especially in our professional hair extensions. #60/SS works beautifully with very light, cool-toned blonde highlights. It can be used to match hair or added to darker blonde hair to add more lightness.

You can find this colour in all of our hair extension products from Tape-in extensions to Ponytails.

Espresso Melt (#2/4/6) (back to index)

#2/4/6 Brown Mix

A subtle, yet striking blend of three deliciously deep brunette shades – Darkest Brown (#2), Chocolate Brown (#4) and Chestnut Brown (#6). A very versatile colour that matches most dark brown hair to add or enhance lowlights, Espresso Melt is a dark, chocolatey, sultry dream for brunettes.

You can find this colour in our Clip-In full head collection or as a Hair weft which can be sewn, clamped or even glued to the hair.

Goldilocks (#16/613) (back to index)

#16/613 Golden & Bleach Blonde Mix

A stunning mix of our golden blonde (#16) and bleach blonde (#613) that creates a light, bright and beautiful golden blonde. This is a classic warm blonde mixed shade that can be found in many extension brands' portfolios. Goldilocks is all about balance with the perfect mix of dark and bright warm blonde tones to bring you all the fairy-tale feels.

You can find this shade in all of our hair extension products and is most popular in our Tape hair extensions.

Barbie Blonde (#16/60) (back to index)

#16/60 Light Golden & Lightest Blonde Mix

Inspired by the ultimate it-girl, Barbie! This super light, blonde highlighted shade will keep you glowing whatever the weather. Made from a mix of our Golden Blonde (#16) and Lightest Blonde (#60) this colour is a lighter, cool-toned version of Goldilocks (#16/613).

Cinnamon Swirl (#27/30) (back to index)

#27/30 Cinnamon Blonde

Spice up your life with these toasty, auburn highlights. A sumptuous, spiced strawberry blonde and auburn mix, perfect for adding lighter pieces to your red or ginger hair. Made from our Light Auburn (#30) and Strawberry Blonde (#27) this shade will match most natural redheads.

You can find this colour in our Double Weft full head, Curly Full head or Tape-In Hair extensions.

Iced Cappuccino (#14/22)  (back to index)

#14/22 Dark & Ash Blonde Mix

A charming mix of our Darkest blonde (#14) and Light Ash blonde (#22) that creates a natural effect. This shade is perfect for that bohemian blonde highlighted look with the perfect balance of neutral, cool blondes and brown.

Get Hollywood-worthy locks with this dreamy mix inspired by the rich, textured tones of the stars. 

You can find this colour in many of our hair extension products from full head Clip-in hair extensions to Hair weaves that can be sewn into the hair.

Peaches & Cream (#27/613)  (back to index)

#27/613 Strawberry & Bleach Blonde Mix

Sun-kissed strawberry with hints of bleach blonde, these colours are a match made in heaven for anyone looking for creamy, warm highlights! Slightly darker than our other golden highlighted shades, this colour has a deliciously peachy touch to it due to the Strawberry Blonde (#27).

You can find this shade in many of our hair extensions like Clip-Ins, Tape-Ins and Hair Weaves.

Butterscotch Blonde (#10/16) (back to index)

#10/16 Golden Brown & Blonde Mix

A scrumptious combination of buttery brown lowlights with traces of our Golden Blonde (#16). This fudge-like mixture is one of our top selling mixed shades thanks to its natural, highlighted look.  

You can find this shade in all of our Clip-In Hair extensions and some of our Professional products.

Natural Sandy Blonde (#12/16/613) (back to index)

#12/16/613 Light Brown/Blonde Mix

A trio of golden, sandy tones make up this blonde highlighted shade. Our Goldilocks (#16/613) is mixed with a dark, natural blonde to create one of our most popular blonde mixes. This shade can be matched to many hair colour thanks to its natural finish and versatility, and can even be added to darker hair to create a balayage effect!  

You can find this shade in almost all of our hair extension products from One Piece Clip In Hair Extensions to Tape-In hair extensions.

Cookies & Cream (#4/613) (back to index)

#4/613 Brown/Blonde Mix

The classic dessert inspired our delicious mix of Chocolate Brown (#4) mixed with Bleach Blonde (#613). A very bold, highlighted piece due to the high contrast between the 2 shades. This shade works beautifully when added to dark hair to give a flash of colour underneath or even added to blonde hair to give depth.

You can find this colour in our Double Weft Full Head, Classic Full head and Hair Weave.

Chestnut Bronde (#6/613) (back to index)

#6/613 Chestnut Brown & Bleach Blonde

Bronde” is the truest way to describe this stunningly soft shade that takes and serves the best of both worlds. The perfect balance of highlights and lowlights using Bleach Blonde (#613) and Light Chestnut Brown (#6) makes this one of our top selling brown highlights.

You can find this colour in most of our hair extension products but it is particularly popular in our Clip-In pieces.

Dirty Blonde (#9/613) (back to index)

#9/613 Ash Brown & Blonde Hair Extensions

This is the colour of punk barbies, unapologetically cool. Dirty Blonde is a bold blend of our Ash Brown (#9) and Bleach Blonde (#613) which creates a dusky, dark blonde finish. This shade works well when added to dark hair giving daring flashes of blonde underneath or even added to blonde hair to add some edgy depth. 

You can find this colour in most of our hair extension products but it is very popular in our weaves!

Chocolate Honey (#4/27) (back to index)

#4/27 Medium Brown & Strawberry Blonde Mix

A yummy mix of our Chocolate Brown (#4) and Strawberry Blonde (#27) creates this sun kissed brunette colour. One of our most popular dark mixes that matches well to brown hair with honey blonde highlights or even added to brown hair to create a balayage!  

You can find this shade in most of our hair extension products including Clip-Ins and Tapes.

Cinnamon Brownie (#4/30) (back to index)

#4/30 Brown/Auburn Mix

A warm and rich blend of Chocolate Brown (#4) and coppery, Light Auburn lowlights (#30). This shade gives us “Rum & Raisin” vibes and matches well to any dark brunette colour to either enhance lowlights or add them in.

You can find this shade in most of our hair extension products including Clip-Ins and Wefts.

Hazelnut Brondie (#6/27) (back to index)

#6/27 Brown/Ginger Mix

This sun kissed Bronde shade is a clever combination of our Strawberry Blonde (#27) and Light Chestnut Brown (#6). A super-warm and toffee-like shade that works beautifully with gingery, auburn toned lowlights or fair brunettes.  as it is so popular. It is most commonly bought in Tape-In hair extensions.

FAQS (back to index)

How to match hair extensions with highlights?

Its easier to match to hair extensions when you have highlighted hair as you have a few different tones to work with. We always recommend matching to the ends as this is where the hair extensions will blend with your own hair. Here at Cliphair we have a FREE colour matching service run by experts who can help you find your perfect highlighted hair extensions.

Can you highlight hair extensions?

No. You should never try to lighten or bleach hair extensions as it will severely damage the hair and decrease the life span. With over 60 shades to choose from you shouldn’t need to create your own colours at home, we also provide a free tracked returns/exchange process if you need to swap your colours.

What colour highlights go with dark brown hair?

Auburn, Caramel and chocolatey tones go extremely well with dark brown hair. Using these shades to add highlights gives the hair a very natural, Sunkissed finish. There’s no need to use any dye on your hair to achieve this look as you can create it with hair extensions. The beauty of highlighted clip in hair extensions is that you can add/remove your highlights anytime you want!

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