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DIY Aloe Vera Hair Treatment

DIY Aloe Vera Hair Treatment
Authored By Katie O' Connor 0 Comment(s)

Aloe Vera is in everything these days but it isn’t new. It has literally been around for centuries, even queen Cleopatra used it. This plant is great for your health, skin and hair. It has loads of vitamins and minerals including vitamin c, 12 and loads more. It is brilliant to use as an after sun or a hair mask, that is what we are going to share with you today. Aloe vera is easy to grow and is amazing for getting rid of dull, frizzy locks so keep reading this DIY tutorial.

How To Grow Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe vera plants are a very easy plant to look after and a great house plant. They don’t need much water to stay happy and like a fair bit of sun. they help to purify your air so they are brilliant as a house plant. There are a few different varieties to look out for, the most versatile is Barbadaensis-miller. If you want the most bang for your buck, make sure you ask for that one

Step Number 1: Get Your Ingredients

You will need to drop into your local health food or grocery shop rather than getting anything to fancy for this hair mask. There are only three things that you will need: castor oil, fenugreek and, of course, aloe vera. Cut a couple of the outer leaves near the base, as these are often the ripest. These ingredients will help strengthen your hair and your Cliphair hair extensions. They are also fantastic for things like treating your scalp for dandruff and promote your hair’s quick growth.

Step Number 2: Make Your Recipe

Combining these ingredients is extremely. you will need to put 1 tablespoon of castor oil into your blender, the same amount of fenugreek powder and 2 or 3 aloe vera plant leaves this will be about 1 cup of aloe vera. Make sure that you cut the edges of the leaves and scoop out the clear pulp out with a spoon. Once you have blended these all together let it sit for about 10 minutes before you put it on.

Step Number 3: Applying your Hair Mask

You don’t need a lot of this so if you have made a bigger batch you can put it in the fridge and keep it cool for later. I would suggest putting this hair mask on once every 2 or so weeks. Massage your hair mask into your hair from your roots all the way down to the ends of your hair. If you have a shower cap, pop it on now. If you don’t wrap your hair loosely in a towel. This is not a 30minute mask it really needs to sink in. it is best left in overnight. If you are putting this in in the morning, keep it in for at least a couple of hours. I did this the other day while I was doing spring cleaning. It was the perfect amount of time. Then was out with lukewarm water and shampoo.


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