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DIY vegan shampoo and conditioner for dry hair and scalps

Dandruff is something that no one wants to talk about but a lot of people get. It is itchy and uncomfortable and can make you feel extremely self-conscious. Often store bought conditioners have sulphate in them or are simply too harsh on your head so if a flaky head is your problem then making a shampoo at home may be the best thing for you. Keep reading to find an easy nourishing shampoo recipe you can make yourself.

clip in hair extensions-diy-vegan-shampoo-ingredients

Gather your ingredients

This one is a little unusual so you might need to go to a produce or health food store to get your magic ingredient, fenugreek seeds. These are like a magic potion for fighting dandruff so it will be well worth the shopping trip. You will also need to pick up a home brand soy yogurt whilst you are out. If you don’t have any vinegar and almond oil, it sounds like a weird combination but it will make your hair lovely and smooth.

clip in hair extensions-diy-vegan-shampoo-prep

Prep your shampoo

the seeds are useless to you hard so soak them overnight. Once they are soaked ground them into a paste-like consistency and mix with your soy yoghurt. The Fenugreek seeds kill the bacteria on your scalp and the soy yoghurt prevents hair dryness. If you are not using the shampoo straight away be sure to keep it in your fridge.

clip in hair extensions-diy-vegan-shampoo-applying

Applying your shampoo

You can pretty much use this exactly the same as you would any other shampoo. Apply and massage it into your scalp, leave it for a few minutes then rinse it out. Simple and easy.

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Prep your conditioner

you won’t always need the conditioner but I thought it was better to be safe than to be sorry. If you still find dandruff on hair after washing it with your DIY shampoo then try this. It is pretty easy to create just add a couple of drops of almond and some vinegar and mix it with about a cup and a half of water.

clip in hair extensions-diy-vegan-shampoo-conditioner-apply

Applying your conditioner

the thing to remember is that this is not like a regular conditioner or hair mask that can be applied all over your hair. The ingredients in this conditioner are specifically for a flaky head but make actually bot be great for your hair, especially if you have dyed hair so please follow this closely. You will need cotton buds or earbuds to help you apply it, weird but effective. Dab your cotton bud into the mixture and apply it directly to your scalp. It may take a little more time but it is meant for an extreme case or really dry spots so you shouldn’t need too much of it. You can use some extra almond oil on the ends of your hair for extra conditioning before you rinse it all out.


I hope that has helped so you will be able to pop in those extensions and rock your centre parting with pride.

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