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DIY Vegan Hair Mask

With hair bleaching being the trend of the season it is no surprise that many of us have brittle and dry hair. Bleached locks look incredible but we all hate having weak hair that breaks easily. Hair extensions have definitely saved us from broken hair disasters but it cannot bring back the good quality of your mane. If you want to keep your hair insta ready you have to whack out a greet hair mask. Your mum was right when she said nature is best so keep reading to find out how to make your own vegan hair mask.


Get your ingredients together

We all know that our hair, like our bodies, needs proteins to stay healthy and shining. It is no wonder that our ingredients are full of natural proteins and fats to stop your bleached locks looking like straw. These ingredients can be bought at any supermarket and don’t cost the world so make sure that you get your hands on some olive oil, coconut milk and an avocado.


Get mixing

Mash up 1 ripe avocado completely. If your avocado is too hard to mash, put it in the oven for 10 min then let it cool. We want to make our mask more smooth than lumpy so add 1/2 a cup of coconut milk and 3 teaspoon olive oil and stir it quickly to combine them thoroughly.

cliphair-extensions-heating up

Heat things up

To help the coconut milk and oil combine properly heat your mask up on the hob (only over a small flame though) and continue to stir it for a few minutes. This will make it slightly thicker than a conditioner in texture. This will make it so much easier to spread evenly.


Remove to reveal your improvement

We all know the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same principle goes for our hair recovery. This mast is amazing but it will need to stay on your hair for at least thirty minutes for all the nutrients to sink in. we know, we know not a one minute wonder but twist your mask layered hair and clip it up the do your nails, study, cook dinner or whatever! Just because it needs time doesn’t mean you have to stand there like a statue. When you was it out with shampoo and conditioner make sure that they don’t have SLS in them. We don’t want nutrient ripping chemicals undoing all our naturally based beauty.


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