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Can your hormones affect your hair?

Can your hormones affect your hair?
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In short, yes! Being a woman in fabulous but hormones can sometimes feel like they are out to get you. Your hair is one of the things that we never think of as being affected by our hormones but is the most common. Hormonal hair loss feels like a dirty secret but it happens a lot, to a lot of us. It is something we should talk about so we can avoid or treat it. It can happen at different stages of life from pregnancy to menopause and is totally normal. Let’s look at what causes hormonal hair loss and how you can deal with it. #wearcliphair




Higher oestrogen than normal

Oestrogen in present in both men and women (as is testosterone). There is a different level of each hormone for each gender and actually each person. If your oestrogen levels are really high in comparison to your progesterone. This can happen due to diet, routine or genetics. This can have some serious side affects like weight gain, irritability and, of course, hair loss. If you think this might be you a simple blood test will tell you for sure. An adjustment to your diet or routine can help but see your doctor for specific advice. Light weight extensions, like tape in extensions, are brilliant for giving you that boost without causing extra weight to your locks.




Hair loss during pregnancy or after giving birth

Change of hormones during pregnancy and after giving birth can have some amazing and weird effects on your body. Your hair actually looks amazing during pregnancy, so you can look forward to thick shiny locks. After women have babies it is quite common to lose hair. This is usually really normal and it simply means your body is balancing your hormones out again. This usually happens within the first 4-6 months after giving birth. Keeping up your greens and beans really helps with how evenly this happens. It might be easy to say the next part but try and get some sleep, this is often hard to achieve but really helpful for reducing hair loss. Instead of adding lots of heat to your hair try to minimise this impact, just pop in your Cliphair extensions to boost up your volume and embrace styling with your natural texture.





This is something none of us talks about but it is totally natural. It is a hormonal change that typically happens between 45-55. we all know about the hot flashes but no one mentions anything about your hair. Your hair may not change at all but for some women, menopause can cause a bit of hair loss and new hair that is being grown will be thinner. You may need to condition your hair more than before but it will still look as great as ever, so there is nothing to worry about.


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