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Embracing your natural beauty isn’t just confined to having a positive body image; it needs to include your hair as well! Although we all love to play around with our hair – dyeing it all manner of colours, straightening it so it’s poker-straight or curling it into cascading waves – sometimes we just need to embrace our hair’s natural beauty. Wavy and curly hair can be a bigger challenge than straight hair; all that gorgeous texture and slow growth means a daily struggle! Some of us here at ClipHair HQ have wavy hair too, so we know how difficult maintaining beautiful curly & wavy hair can be – and if you add extensions things can get complicated!

But follow some simple tips and we promise you that your curly or wavy hair and extensions will be much easier to manage.

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What is the difference between curly and wavy clip in extensions?





(Our curly clip in extensions use a blend of type 3 pattern hair and our wavy clip in extensions use a blend of type 2 pattern hair.)

There are so many ways we can classify our hair – by the way it looks, how it feels, its colour… but did you know you can also classify hair type using patterns?


What are the patterns?

Patterns are a way of defining how straight or curly your hair grows naturally. Super straight hair is pattern 1, wavy hair is pattern 2, curly hair is pattern 3 and coily hair is pattern 4.

Folk with wavy, curly and coily hair tend to have more than one pattern in their head of hair; it’s typically made up of 2 to 3 curl patterns. Fact – the hair along the nape of your neck has the tightest curls!

The difference between our curly and wavy clip in extensions is that curly extensions are made up of a blend of pattern 3 curls, and wavy clip in extensions have a blend of pattern 2 curls.


What is the curl pattern on the curly extensions?


(Our curly clip-in extensions are made with type 3 curls.)

Our curly clip in extensions are made with type 3 curls. Type 3 curls consist of three different curl patterns – 3a, 3b and 3c. The main curl in our curly clip ins is 3b, but it contains a mix of 3a and 3c as well to give your hair a more natural look and blend in more easily with your natural hair.


What is the curl pattern on the wavy extensions?

(Our wavy clip in extensions are made with type 2 curls.)

Our wavy clip in extensions are made with Type 2 curls. Again, this contains a blend of curl patterns – 2a, 2b, and 2c. 2b and 2c are mainly used in this set for a well-blended and natural look.


How to take care of your curly clip in hair extensions?

(Be gentle with your curly or wavy clip in hair extensions and they’ll last much longer. Most of the details are the same as for regular hair extensions, there are just a few small differences.)

Your hair extensions will last longer if you take care of them, but the rules need to change slightly when you’re caring for curly or wavy hair extensions. Here are your curly hair commandments:

– Dry your curly clip-in extensions naturally by laying them on a towel instead of hanging them. This way the weight of the water can’t pull out your bouncy curls.

– Scrunch product into your hair, never brush it in. To do this, just rub the product between your hands and scrunch it throughout your hair. If you’re using a spray, simply spray it all over and then scrunch it into your hair with your hands instead of brushing it in.

– Use a wide-toothed comb to keep things fuzz-free. Use a fine comb or brush and you risk turning your hair into a bushy disaster! A wide-toothed comb helps maintain your beautiful curly strands whilst keeping your locks knot-free.

– Coconut oil-based products are a firm friend for curly girls, helping your hair look shiny and healthy. BUT if you have extensions that have been glued in – such as tape hair – you should avoid coconut oil products at all costs as coconut oil contains an enzyme that will weaken the bonds and make your extensions slip.

For more information check out Part 2 in or Curly & Wavy Hair Extensions Guide.


How to wash the curly or wavy hair extensions

(Washing curly or wavy extensions is pretty much the same as washing regular extensions, with the exception of three things!)

Wash your curly or wavy hair extensions in the same way as you would wash any other clip in extensions but make a few small adjustments.

– Never brush your hair – instead use a wide-toothed comb to comb through your extensions before washing. Read part two of our guide for more info on washing and caring for curly hair extensions.


How to curl hair extensions

The beauty of pre-styled curly or wavy hair extensions is they do not need styling, if you like to change up your look and style your hair often you are better to go for a straight set. Straight hair extensions can be curled, waved, straightened or crimped however styling curly/wavy hair extensions can decrease the curl over time and also the quality.

How to curl your hair extensions with a curling iron

Curling your hair extensions with a curling iron is the exact same as how you would do it with your own hair. Its always important to use Heat Protection spray before using heated tools to protect your hair and prevent the extensions from drying out. Some people prefer to style their hair extensions before they are applied and others whilst they are in the hair. Here at Cliphair we find the hair extensions blend best when they are already clipped into the hair as you can curl your own hair and the extensions together giving a more natural finish.


How to curl extensions with short hair

When curling short hair you will need to use a thinner barrelled tong or straightening irons for the best result. On longer hair this size wand will give tight, ringlet style curls but on short hair you can apply the curl then pull it out with your fingers for a looser effect.

Now you are ready to go check out these easy and beautiful hairstyles for curly hair extensions or even how to get vintage look curly hair.

For more ways to maintain and care for your curly and wavy hair extensions read Part 2 in our Guide.


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