Curly hair is always an instant way to glam up your look and add that extra bounce, when you want to add some of volume and texture. Although curly hair is a blessing, it can be quite hard to style and maintain. So, here are a few easy styles to style your curly clip in hair extensions.

This blog is your ultimate guide to conquering clip-in hair extensions with a few simple styles that'll turn heads everywhere you go. Ditch the dull and embrace the dazzling – we're talking bouncy ponytails, chic pulled-back braids, and the kind of romantic halo braid that'll make you feel like royalty.

Grab your extensions, some bobby pins, and a dollop of hairspray, because it's time to unleash your inner curl queen! Buckle up, your mane transformation is about to begin.

Ponytail half updo

4 Easy and Gorgeous Hairstyles with Curly Clip in Hair Extensions

Add in your curly clip in human hair extensions to your natural hair. Once you have your hair extensions in, create a wide triangle shape from behind your ears to the top of your crown. This is going to be your half up section so secure it with a hair tie for now. You want to make this lovely a voluminous so make your it is standing upright and tug the hair around your head, so you look like you have luscious hair all around. If you don’t have naturally curly hair now is the time to go to town with your curlers to create bouncy small curls. The scrunchy is still trendy so why not add a scrunchy or a clip to wrap around and show off your high pony. This is perfect way to achieve an easy style that also draws attention to your amazing curls.


Pulled back braids

4 Easy and Gorgeous Hairstyles with Curly Clip in Hair Extensions

This is great if you still want to show off your curls, but you don’t want them in your face. Don’t put the serum on as you are going to be braiding and it makes it so much harder with serum. Brush your locks and add some hair mouse instead. Separate your hair along your hairline from the centre to your right temple. Divide it into two and create an amazing fishtail braid all the way to the nape of your neck. before you secure it with a clear hair tie tug on the sections to make sure your braid is as luscious and amazing as possible.

Repeat on the other side so they are symmetrical, and the end hair ties are in line. Hold the hair ties together and grab a few strands of hair behind them wrapping around the hair ties to conceal them. You will have the ends still sticking out so fishtail braids them together to nearly the end and secure with a clear hair tie. Wrap some strands of hair around your hair tie to conceal it. To finish, spritz with some alcohol-free hairspray and you are ready to rock this even at a formal occasion.

4 Easy and Gorgeous Hairstyles with Curly Clip in Hair Extensions

You can get creative with this style and braid only one side of your hair or just the top.

Twist pull back

4 Easy and Gorgeous Hairstyles with Curly Clip in Hair Extensions

This is another look that is great for a casual occasion and is super quick. The best thing about it, is that all your need is hairpins. Create a shallow centre part and take sections either side of your parting. Divide each section into two and twist them around each other and pin the end in place. Repeat on the other side and you are done. It couldn’t be easier.  

The romantic halo braid

Whether you’ve added some curly clip in hair extensions to your naturally curly locks or, taken the curler curl your mane, this blog is for curly haired ladies in search of some chic and easy hairstyles with their curly clip in hair extensions.

Adding in your Cliphair extensions first to achieve his look. If you want them to look the best curl them before you add them to the rest of your hair. If you are using heated tools to create your curls please remember to add heat protecting serum to your locks and spritz hairspray on the curls before they cool, so they do not drop.

Create a centre part going back to your crown then take a one-inch section (roughly a few curls) to the left of your part, twist them loosely, pinch them a little to add volume and pin at the back of your head. Repeat on the other side but cross the end of this twist over the bobby pin at the back to conceal it before you pin this twist in place as well. You will notice that this is criss-cross twist design. You are going to continue creating the twists, crossing them under and pinning them in place until you reach the nape of your neck. You could leave this as half up style and it will look incredible but if you want an updo, keep reading.

To transform this style, take the hair directly under your braids and split them into three equal sections. To create your French braid, fold the outside section over the middle one and repeat on the other side. As you travel down your braid with becoming fuller. Secure with a clear hair tie at the ends and pinch to volumize. It is simple to turn into an updo from here simply drape your braid over your hair like a braided hairband and conceal the hair tie with a decorative clip. It will look amazing.


Now that you've cracked the code to these easy-peasy styles with your clip-in extensions, let those curls bounce to the beat of your own drum! Remember, with a dash of creativity and a dollop of confidence, your mane can handle any occasion, from a pub garden pint to a swanky soiree. So go forth, flaunt those glorious extensions, and unleash your inner curl queen!


Which of these styles would you try? Let us know, and don’t forget to hashtag #wearcliphair to show off your looks on #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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