Hair extensions can refresh your hair style in an instant and add much desired length and volume to your precious locks. That extra boost of hair makes distant dreams of a braided fantasy suddenly much more realistic. While you might be jumping to try impossibly complicated braided styles the moment your hair extensions arrive in the mail, even the simplest hair braid styles using extensions can be complicated for a styling newbie.

We like to think we know a thing or two about human hair extensions. Over the years we’ve created a range of simple and easy video tutorials that’ll rocket you from novice to pro braider in a matter of minutes. But before we get stuck in, lets look at how to actually apply clip in extensions.

1. How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions (back to index)

If you’ve mastered clip in hair extensions already you can skip this step. If you’re stuck holding your brand new locks and feeling confused, lets get those extensions in your hair where they belong! Check out our video tutorial below on how to attach your clip in extensions. 

2. How To Braid In Extensions – Best Practice (back to index)

First up, even when using real human hair extensions there are steps we can take to ease the hair braid styling process and ensure we create the perfect easy hair braids every time!

  • Once your hair extensions are attached, brush your hair along with the extensions to ensure hair is smooth and free of tangles and knots. No one wants a bumpy braid at the end of all that hard work!
  • Depending on your hair type, apply hair oil or texturizing spray to ensure hair stays silky smooth when sectioning and braiding. Girls with frizzy hair, this is especially important to make the braiding process as easy as possible.
  • Flyaway hair can be a nightmare when not tamed! Apply a holding hairspray to keep those pesky flyaways in check.

3. How To Dutch Braid Hair: Super Easy Double Dutch Braids Tutorial (back to index)

Double Dutch Braids Credit: @laurensmitmakeupartist | Double Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are super popular for a reason. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Reverse French Braid’, they involve crossing strands underneath to give the braid a stunning 3D effect. In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to construct a super easy double Dutch braid, the cutest picture-perfect hairstyle for festivals or day trips. After all, two braids are better than one!

  1. Start brushing the hair and part it where you want the braids to be.
  2. Once parted, tie up one section and then the other half.  
  3. Since you want the braid to go along the line you have picked, take a part just underneath it.
  4. Take a three-clip weft and apply them upside down, with the hair facing upwards. Once clipped in, fold the hair back down carefully. This might feel uncomfortable initially but since it will be braided back you won’t feel it once finished.
  5. Taking a section of hair from above at the parting, apply a two clip-in weft normally underneath, then replace your hair over the weft.
  6. Take a very small section from one side, split it into three and begin to Dutch braid.
  7. For the Dutch braid: Take a tiny section of the hair to start. Construct a regular 3 strand braid but remember to cross the strands under the middle strand rather than over. Make sure to hold on to the tensions throughout the spread.
  8. As you braid the dutch braid will get thicker. Once you get to the desired length you should have all the hair in the braid. Continue bringing it under and creating a plait at the end. Make sure you keep the tension in the braid so that the braid is the same as you tighten it all the way down.
  9. Lastly, take a little elastic and tie off the end of the braid.
  10. Voila! Your Double Dutch braids look is finished!  
  11. Repeat for the other side.

4. Step by Step Fishtail Braid Tutorial: Double Fishtail Braid (back to index)

Fishtail Braids Credit: @annalovesbraid | Double Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are one for the stylish, although many are daunted by their apparent complexity. Another festival-perfect hairstyle, this tutorial shows you show to do a double fishtail braid with hair rings.

  1. Attach your full head clip in hair extensions.
  2. Start by putting your hair into two sections on either side of your head, parted in the middle.
  3. Split each section into two ponytails again and begin to construct a Fishtail braid.
  4. Construct the fishtail braid: Separate a small section of hair from the outside of the left ponytail and pull it across to the right ponytail.
  5. Repeat for the right ponytail.
  6. Continue braiding until you get to the end of your hair, stopping every now and then to pull the hair out to create more volume/texture in the braid.
  7. Tie it off with an elastic band to complete the first fishtail braid.
  8. Repeat for the other side.
  9. Place hair rings throughout the braid on either side to make your look extra special!
  10. If you’re going full festival-chic, tie a bandana around the front of your head to complete this look.

5. How to Construct a Ponytail Braids Hairstyle (back to index)

Ponytail Braids Credit: @poppy_hairstyles | Braided Pontytail

Ponytail braids are an easy and oh-soversatile braided hairstyle that just scream cute chic. The specific ponytail braids we’re showing today are comprised of a Dutch fishtail and are easy to construct and maintain. Let’s get started!

  1. Attach your full head clip in hair extensions.
  2. Start by taking a section from the top middle bit of the hair, splitting it in half and constructing a Dutch fishtail. 
  3. Construct a Dutch fishtail. Take a little part of one side of the hair and bring it under, then join it with the other side. Repeat these steps with the other side of hair.  
  4. As you go down the hair and repeat the steps above, add a little bit of hair to the section you take it from (see video for a visual representation).
  5. Once you reach the base of the neck gently tug the braid to volumise the hair, holding the hair at the neck as you do so.
  6. Take the hair tie and tie off the braid at the base of the neck, forming a ponytail.
  7. Tug the finished braid gently to create extra volume and make sure it does not fall out.
  8. To finish the style, take a section of the hair below the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie. This is optional but can make the hairstyle look sleeker. Pin this under the hair to complete the hairstyle.

So, there you have it! Now you’re a hair extensions expert and a master of braids. Whether you’re looking for a fun festival look or getting practical with a stylish up-do – braids are super versatile. Check out more beautiful hair braid styles on our YouTube channel, and don’t forget the hair extensions!

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