How to Fit Micro-Ring Extensions at Home (back to index)

We will always recommend you get your micro ring extensions fitted by a professional hairstylist, we know right now, getting to the hairdressers just isn’t possible. So, for all you ladies at home who want to change their look ASAP, this blog will give you a detailed guide on how to fit your micro ring hair extensions at home.

Although micro ring hair extensions (or micro loop extensions) have been around longer than some newer types and methods, they are the only type of hair extension technique which do not use any type of glue, bond, heat, stitching or chemicals in how they are fitted or removed. They are secured using silicone lined aluminium rings instead and they’re attached by looping your own hair through the little rings.

Because micro loop extensions don’t use any type of adhesive, they make a much safer choice for your natural hair as there isn’t an immense weight on one part of hair or tension at your roots. You can fit your micro ring extensions at home; however, it can be quite tricky to do yourself as you’ll need to maintain some accuracy and it will take longer to do by yourself. The process does get so much easier once you get to grips with how it works.

How Long Can You Wear Micro Ring Extensions? (back to index)

While micro ring extensions involve a significantly longer application time, the upside is that they can be worn for around four months before any tweaks or changes are needed. This makes them an ideal choice for ladies who love clip in hair extensions but want a more permanent look. After the initial four-month period, micro ring extensions can be adjusted and worn for the same amount of time again. The tiny little loops on the sections of hair are designed to be pushed and tightened; this is an instant fix for any looseness or unwanted give that develops over time. 


They’re also easy to maintain – they’re extremely easy to shower with, all you need to do is brush your mane with a wide tooth comb then get in the shower. The big tip for this one is not to flip your hair forward and massage it but to do so in a vertical position. So, keep on reading to find out how to fit micro ring hair extensions at home. It is a tricky thing to learn, but you’ll be glad that you did when you’re flaunting beautifully natural and glossy long hair.

Step 1: Prepare your tresses (back to index)

How to Fit Micro-Ring Extensions at Home

Do be aware that micro ring extensions can take around four hours to fit when doing it alone. This is sometimes even longer if you very thick tresses. They’re not like clip in hair pieces; you can’t just clip and go. The first step is to make sure that your natural hair is shampooed and completely dried. Micro ring extensions are easier to fit on straight hair, so you might want to get those irons out.

Step 2: Section off the hair (back to index)

How to Fit Micro-Ring Extensions at Home

As you would with other hair extensions, divide your hair into two neat sections. The division should run, roughly, from one ear to the other, right across your head. It’s best to buy your micro ring extensions with the applicator beads already attached. It’ll save you time and make them easier to fit. Always remember that they shouldn’t be placed too close to the scalp (about a centimetre away is advised).

Step 3: Pass the hair through the rings (back to index)

how to fit micro ring

To fit micro ring extensions, you pass a small section of hair through the inside of the clear loop. Then, you gently pull on the clear bead. This will draw the hair up and through the small brown bead. It’ll securely clamp and hold the hair extension in place.

Step 4: Use the pliers to make corrections (back to index)

How to Fit Micro-Ring Extensions at Home

You’ll need to get yourself a pair of special micro bead pliers before you start the application. Many micro ring kits come with these as standard, but some do not. Fortunately, a quick Google search brings up all manner of options. They’re cheap too, so you can pick up a pair anytime that you need them. Once tightened, you’ll need the pliers to loosen the little beads again. For instance, if you’re not happy with how one of the pieces has been positioned.

Step 5: Be careful with your bridgework (back to index)

There should be approximately one finger width left between each extension. With every new layer that you add, you’re building up your bridgework and creating an arrangement that will look wonderfully natural when you’re finished. As already discussed, this will take some time. Getting micro ring extensions right is all about patience, so dig in and get comfy. Try not to rush and keep your eyes on the prize; a beautiful head of long, luscious new hair.

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