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Washing Hair Extensions – Do’s & Dont’s | Q&A Session #4

Washing Hair Extensions – Do’s & Dont’s | Q&A Session #4

Washing your clip in hair extensions might feel a bit daunting at first. How should you do it? How often? What sort of products should you use? This week’s Q&A talks about everything you need to know about washing your extensions… read on!

(Did you read our last Q&A blog, all about wearing clip in extensions with fine hair and styling your clip in extensions? It’s here.)


1. Can you wash your hair with clip-in extensions in?

No, you must remove your clip in hair extensions before washing your hair. Leaving them in may damage your natural hair and harm your scalp.

The wonder of your gorgeous clip hair in extensions is that they’re easy to maintain and that you can take them out easily at the end of the day – wearing them in the shower is a definite no! That’s because when your hair gets wet it gets heavier. And the heavier it gets the more it pulls on your natural hair. This is bad news all round, because if your hair is wet, it will be more prone to damage and the weight of all that extra wet hair may seriously damage your roots and scalp.
When all is said and done, just unclip before you shower – or pop on a shower cap to keep your extensions dry.

2. Should you wash extensions before wearing?

Take things easy! There’s no need for you to wash your clip in extensions before you wear them. Washing your extensions too often will mean they wear out more quickly, and no-one wants that!

No, your extensions are beautifully clean and ready to wear when you receive them. Washing them before you wear them will just mean they wear out more quickly. Think of them in the same way you do your favourite pair of jeans; washing them too much just means they’ll wear out more quickly. Just like your own hair, every time you wash your extensions (and even your own hair), you strip them of natural oils. Over washing them will just lead to dry and rough hair. The lesson? Always wash in moderation.


3. How often should you wash clip in hair extensions?

Wash your clip in extensions once in a while – every 15 wears or so is a good guide.

When it comes to washing your clip in extensions, use the same logic as you do with your own hair. If you wash your natural hair too much and treat it badly then you strip it of its natural oils, and it becomes dry, rough and lacks shine. Clip hair extensions are exactly the same. If you wash them too often, they wear out more quickly. And because your extensions don’t receive nourishment from your scalp’s natural oils, overwashing is even more of a problem because the extensions don’t have the opportunity to replenish. We recommend you only wash your clip-ins once in a while when you notice product build-up. Washing after every 15 wears or so is a good guide. If you use a lot of product on your extensions, you might find you need to wash them more frequently.

4. What kind of products can I use on my clip in hair extensions?

Keep it simple with the products you use on your clip in extensions. A shampoo, conditioner, and serum are all you need for good day-to-day care.

Maintaining healthy-looking hair is a delicate balance. Overindulging it with too many products can be just as damaging as neglecting it. You could use the most expensive hair product in the world but there’s no guarantee it would work for your hair. The most important thing is that you find out what works best for you. We all know someone with a bathroom cabinet stacked full of products, who is a slave to a long and complicated hair routine. But in our experience, a simple routine is best. You won’t overload your hair, it’s easy to maintain and you won’t miss anything out if you’re in a rush.

Every girl should have these three things in her regular hair care routine:
1. a shampoo
2. a conditioner
3. a moisturising leave-in serum or spray.

As well as these three regular products, we’d recommend you have these two products ready to use when necessary:
• a hair mask to use once every 5 washes
• a heat protection treatment to use every time you heat-style your hair or expose it to strong sun.

We’d strongly recommend you use Cliphair hair care products to care for your Cliphair hair extensions because they’ve been specially developed to work with these extensions. If you’re using another brand, then make sure you choose sulphate-free, alcohol-free products for your extensions.

Our recommendations for your five haircare essentials are:
• Shampoo: Cliphair shampoo
• Conditioner: Cliphair conditioner (coming soon)
• Serum/spray: Cliphair silky spray
• Hair mask: your favourite nourishing hair mask
• Heat protection: Cliphair heat protection spray


5. How to dry hair extensions after washing?

There’s no mystery to drying your clip in extensions. Pat them dry with a towel before hanging them to dry. Then if you want to, finish off with a hair dryer when they’re nearly dry.

We get this question a lot! The brilliant thing about clip in extensions is that you can just hang them up and air dry them. First things first, pat them dry with a towel to make sure you’ve soaked up all excess moisture and that your clip in extensions are no longer dripping with water. Then hang them indoors to air dry until they’re at least 70% dry. You can then finish them off with some Cliphair heat protection spray and a hairdryer.
If you are on your hols or in a rush, you could wash them in the evening before you go to bed, pat them dry with a towel and then hang them to dry overnight. They’ll be lovely and dry in the morning ready for you to brush through, style and clip in.

Want to know more about how to care for your hair extensions? Then send your questions to advice@cliphair.co.uk. Next week’s post is all about exactly how you wash your clip in hair extensions, see you then!


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